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Becoming a registered user

To enter a bug into our bug tracker you need to be a registered user. A registered user will be assigned a provisional user role which allows to enter new bugs and to edit these bugs. The user role will be granted by an administrator on demand. Just add remark to your bug report that you wish to work more with the bug tracker. We have these strict rules to avoid spam and keep trolls away from the tracker.

Note that some actions (e.g. closing a bug) are even restricted from regular users. A developer account is required for these actions. The rationale is that only a developer will be able to fix things and thus decides whether a bug is to be closed. A bug may be re-opened at any time.

How to add a new bug

Please note that this bug tracker is a public resource and everything you enter there will be available for the whole networked world. It is similar to a public mailing list and there is no easy way to retract any information.

You should follow these steps to enter a new bug (issue):

Contact information available at the g10 Code main pages.

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