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Topics used in the GnuPG tracker

Roundup has a feature named "Topics" which allows to assign one or more keywords to a certain bug ("issue" in Roundup parlance). These keywords may for example be used in a search. As keywords are usually short, there meaning and suggested usage ist not always clear. This list shall help to make sensible use of the keywords.

Topics used in the GnuPG bug tracker
Keywords describing the location
agent Related to the gpg-agent
keyserver Keyserver or keyserver protocol related
scd Related to the scd-daemon or general smart card access problem
pinentry Related to the Pinentry
ssh Related to gpg-agent's ssh-agent implementation
gpgtar Related to gpgtar
iobuf Related to gpg's iobuf mechanism
openpgp OpenPGP protocol
smime S/MIME (CMS, X.509) protocol
gpg4win Related to the Gpg4win installer
uiserver Related to the UI-Server (cf. gpg4win)
doc Related to documentation
gpg14 Related to GnuPG 1.4.
gpg20 Related to GnuPG 2.0.
gpg21 Related to GnuPG 2.1.
i18n Related to internationalization
ipc Related to inter process communication
npth Related to nPth
Keywords describing the environment
asm Problem with low-level assembler code
cross Bug pertaining to cross-compiling
macos MacOS specific problem
w32 MS Windows specific problem
w64 MS Windows 64 bit specific problem
Keywords describing the action taken
backport This needs to be ported to older branches.
forwardport This needs to be ported to newer branches.
faq This should be made an entry into the FAQ or is already answered there.
gpg22 To be fixed for GnuPG 2.2.
gpg23 Will be addressed in GnuPG 2.2.
patch Patch included
noinfo Not enough information given
notdup Problem duplicating the bug
dup A similar bug report already exists
nobug This is not a bug (maybe even a feature). Note that there is also a category of the same name.
rc Release critical report
sillyUB Silly interpretation of undefined behaviour by a compiler. Needs fix so that gcc et al do not break the code.
tooold The report is too old. Spending time on it is not justified.
wontfix The bug will not be fixed.
mistaken Empty report or unrelated to GnuPG.
endoflife Software version has reached EOL status.
question A question and not a bug report

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