campaign,de: add missing words
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2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign,de: add missing words
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign,de: typo, more commas
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign,de: typo
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign,de: typo
2017-06-06 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Fix spelling (on -> one).
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign,de: typo
2017-06-06 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Fix spelling of Euros.
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercampaign: drop superfluous "for"
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Print only the one-time donations since the...
2017-06-05 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign,fr: Add the hint about the menu for choosing...
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Add an Imprint link to the main pages.
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Explain that the one time donations are for...
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Fix name of french daily video.
2017-06-05 Werner KochMerge branch 'preview' into wk-master
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Fix last commit
2017-06-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Rework instructions for SEPA payments
2017-06-02 Kai Michaeliscampaign: move pp note css into campaign.css & transl...
2017-06-02 Kai Michaeliscampaign: hide pp note w/ js
2017-06-02 Kai Michaeliscampaign: add remark for PP & recur
2017-06-02 Werner Kochcampaign: Return to donation start page after SEPA...
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix bitcoin address.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix checkout-se de and fr layout.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Also use new layout in checkout-se de and fr versions.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Restore form layout for xs in
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix checkout-se layout.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Squeeze japanese testimonials.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Squeeze french testimonials.
2017-05-31 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Add missing close tag for strong element in donate...
2017-05-31 Marcus BrinkmannFix YTIDs in playlist and french video embedding.
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Okay it is an underscore (fixes last commit)
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Insert a QR code for the SEPA transaction
2017-05-30 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign,fr: Minor corrections.
2017-05-30 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Fix some typos.
2017-05-30 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: It's Gillmor, not Gillmore.
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Fix getting Lang from the session data.
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Allow returning to the donation form after a paypa...
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Fix getting Lang from the session data.
2017-05-30 Werner Kochcgi: Allow returning to the donation form after a paypa...
2017-05-24 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Add bitcoin address.
2017-05-24 Werner Kochweb: Explain the asterisk in the donors list
2017-05-24 Werner Kochweb: Revert to a simple donation page for now.
2017-05-24 Werner KochMerge branch 'preview' into wk-master
2017-05-23 Werner Kochcgi: Let the checkout pages always pass a "lang" attribute.
2017-05-23 Werner Kochcampaign: Fix language form elements.
2017-05-23 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Fix Abdo's transliteration in Japanese.
2017-05-23 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Fix the box.
2017-05-23 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Fix link to donate.ja.html.
2017-05-23 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Fix checkout messages.
2017-05-23 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Update Japanese translation (almost done).
2017-05-23 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix spelling error.
2017-05-22 Kai Michaeliscampaign: minor changes on the german translation
2017-05-22 Justus Wintercampaign: fix tracking languages, improve diffability...
2017-05-22 Justus Wintercampaign: fix get parameters
2017-05-22 Justus Wintercampaign,de,fr: fix body lang attributes
2017-05-22 Justus Wintercampaign,fr: track language to procdonate
2017-05-22 Kai Michaeliscampaign: typo on paypal cancel page
2017-05-22 Kai Michaeliscampaign: new css on paypal cancel page
2017-05-22 Justus Wintercampaign,fr: fix lang chooser
2017-05-22 Guilhem Moulincampaign: add french translation
2017-05-22 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: More Japanese translation.
2017-05-22 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Add pages (not yet finished).
2017-05-22 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Add missing spatium.
2017-05-22 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Use mnemonic instead of YT id.
2017-05-22 Werner Kochcgi: Fix checkout pages.
2017-05-19 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Layout for playlist info.
2017-05-19 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Unrickroll video headline and add note on playlist...
2017-05-19 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Update playlist.
2017-05-19 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Replace "will" with "intend to"
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,de: translate some more labels
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,de: translate back button
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,ja: track language
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,de: translate headings
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,de: bootstrap wip checkout page for pp
2017-05-19 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: More translation.
2017-05-19 NIIBE Yutakacampaign,ja: Update from English.
2017-05-19 Justus Wintercampaign,de: bootstrap checkout pages
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign,de: tiny corrections
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign,de: translate heading
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Final fixes for donate form layout.
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix last change.
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign,de: feedback
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Adjust column sizes on donate form for mobile.
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: fix link
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: boostrap checkout-bt
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: fix links to japanese version
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Make team image full-width on xs.
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: boostrap checkout-se
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Some small fixes for the german translation.
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: boostrap checkout-pp
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign,de: translate heading
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: shorten the text on the buttons
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: use the correct flag, language-choose the...
2017-05-18 Justus WinterMerge branch 'preview' of git+ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: duh, there are no inline comments :(
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Close div tag at the end of testimonials in index...
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: add a language chooser
2017-05-18 Justus Wintercampaign: drop first menu item
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: reduce summary line height
2017-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix minor layout issues.
2017-05-18 Kai Michaeliscampaign: boostrap checkout-cc