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2018-11-02 Werner Kochweb: Remove link to SWITCHmirror
2017-10-10 Robert J. HansenMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://playfair.gnupg.org...
2017-06-23 Werner Kochweb: Remove FTP mirror freenet.de
2017-06-05 Werner KochMerge branch 'preview' into wk-master
2017-05-29 Justus Winterweb: Remove mirror mirror.se.partyvan.eu.
2016-01-22 Werner Kochweb: Add new Swedish mirror and removed 5 dead mirrors.
2016-01-18 Werner Kochweb: Remove soon to be decommissioned sunet mirrors.
2014-11-21 Werner Kochweb: Removed dead demon.nl mirror.
2014-10-23 Werner Kochweb: Minor cleanups.
2013-11-06 Werner KochRemove trailing blank lines.
2013-11-06 Werner KochAdd TITLE keywords.
2013-11-06 Werner KochChange location of setup.inc and formatting changes.
2013-11-06 Werner KochConverted the rest of download/