swdb: Release gnupg 2.2.0.
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2017-08-28 Werner Kochswdb: Release gnupg 2.2.0.
2017-03-22 Werner Kochweb: Change links to related_software/ to just software/
2017-03-22 Werner Kochfaq: Minor addition to whats-new-in-2.1.org
2016-07-14 Werner Kochfaq: Update whats-new-in.2.1
2016-06-30 Werner KochMerge branch 'feature/shop'
2016-06-30 Werner Kochfaq: Add example for --quick-revuid top whats-new-in... feature/shop
2016-06-06 Werner Kochfaq: Explain new key listing format since 2.1.13.
2016-04-28 Peter LebbingFix typo's in whats-new-in-2.1.org
2016-03-02 Neal H. Walfieldweb: Fix some typos.
2016-01-14 Werner Kochfaq: Add --export-ssh-key and fix one example.
2015-05-12 Werner Kochweb: Add 2.1.4 release announcement.
2015-04-03 Werner Kochfaq: Fixed migration instructions in Whats-new-in-2.1
2014-11-21 Werner Kochweb: Various changes.
2014-11-06 Werner Kochfaq: Typo fix and link to the wiki.
2014-11-05 Werner Kochfaq: Finished the "What's new in 2.1" page.
2014-10-31 Werner Kochfaq: Started a page with an overview of 2.1.