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Sat, 19 Oct 2002 07:55:27 +0000 (07:55 +0000)
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Sat, 19 Oct 2002 07:55:27 +0000 (07:55 +0000)
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
563 files changed:
ABOUT-NLS [deleted file]
BUGS [deleted file]
INSTALL [deleted file]
NOTES [deleted file]
OBUGS [deleted file]
PROJECTS [deleted file]
THOUGHTS [deleted file]
agent/ChangeLog [deleted file]
agent/ [deleted file]
agent/agent.h [deleted file]
agent/cache.c [deleted file]
agent/call-scd.c [deleted file]
agent/command.c [deleted file]
agent/divert-scd.c [deleted file]
agent/findkey.c [deleted file]
agent/genkey.c [deleted file]
agent/gpg-agent.c [deleted file]
agent/learncard.c [deleted file]
agent/minip12.c [deleted file]
agent/minip12.h [deleted file]
agent/pkdecrypt.c [deleted file]
agent/pksign.c [deleted file]
agent/protect-tool.c [deleted file]
agent/protect.c [deleted file]
agent/query.c [deleted file]
agent/sexp-parse.h [deleted file]
agent/simple-pwquery.c [deleted file]
agent/trustlist.c [deleted file]
assuan/ChangeLog [deleted file]
assuan/ [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-buffer.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-client.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-connect.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-defs.h [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-handler.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-inquire.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-listen.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-pipe-connect.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-pipe-server.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-socket-connect.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-socket-server.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan-util.c [deleted file]
assuan/assuan.h [deleted file]
assuan/mkerrors [deleted file]
checks/ChangeLog [deleted file]
checks/ [deleted file]
checks/armdetach.test [deleted file]
checks/armdetachm.test [deleted file]
checks/armencrypt.test [deleted file]
checks/armencryptp.test [deleted file]
checks/armsignencrypt.test [deleted file]
checks/armsigs.test [deleted file]
checks/challenge-1 [deleted file]
checks/clearsig.test [deleted file]
checks/conventional-mdc.test [deleted file]
checks/conventional.test [deleted file]
checks/decrypt-dsa.test [deleted file]
checks/decrypt.test [deleted file]
checks/ [deleted file]
checks/detach.test [deleted file]
checks/detachm.test [deleted file]
checks/encrypt-dsa.test [deleted file]
checks/encrypt.test [deleted file]
checks/encryptp.test [deleted file]
checks/genkey1024.test [deleted file]
checks/mds.test [deleted file]
checks/mkdemodirs [deleted file]
checks/multisig.test [deleted file]
checks/ [deleted file]
checks/ [deleted file]
checks/pgp263-test.sec.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-1-pgp.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-1.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-1o.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-2.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-2o.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-3.asc [deleted file]
checks/plain-3o.asc [deleted file]
checks/pubdemo.asc [deleted file]
checks/pubring.asc [deleted file]
checks/pubring.pkr.asc [deleted file]
checks/seat.test [deleted file]
checks/secdemo.asc [deleted file]
checks/secring.asc [deleted file]
checks/secring.skr.asc [deleted file]
checks/signdemokey [deleted file]
checks/signencrypt-dsa.test [deleted file]
checks/signencrypt.test [deleted file]
checks/sigs-dsa.test [deleted file]
checks/sigs.test [deleted file]
checks/version.test [deleted file]
cipher/ChangeLog [deleted file]
cipher/ [deleted file]
cipher/algorithms.h [deleted file]
cipher/bithelp.h [deleted file]
cipher/blowfish.c [deleted file]
cipher/cast5.c [deleted file]
cipher/cipher.c [deleted file]
cipher/des.c [deleted file]
cipher/dsa.c [deleted file]
cipher/dsa.h [deleted file]
cipher/dynload.c [deleted file]
cipher/elgamal.c [deleted file]
cipher/elgamal.h [deleted file]
cipher/g10c.c [deleted file]
cipher/gost.c [deleted file]
cipher/gost.h [deleted file]
cipher/idea-stub.c [deleted file]
cipher/md.c [deleted file]
cipher/md5.c [deleted file]
cipher/primegen.c [deleted file]
cipher/pubkey.c [deleted file]
cipher/rand-internal.h [deleted file]
cipher/random.c [deleted file]
cipher/random.h [deleted file]
cipher/rijndael.c [deleted file]
cipher/rmd.h [deleted file]
cipher/rmd160.c [deleted file]
cipher/rmd160test.c [deleted file]
cipher/rndegd.c [deleted file]
cipher/rndlinux.c [deleted file]
cipher/rndriscos.c [deleted file]
cipher/rndunix.c [deleted file]
cipher/rndw32.c [deleted file]
cipher/rsa.c [deleted file]
cipher/rsa.h [deleted file]
cipher/sha1.c [deleted file]
cipher/smallprime.c [deleted file]
cipher/tiger.c [deleted file]
cipher/twofish.c [deleted file]
common/ChangeLog [deleted file]
common/ [deleted file]
common/README [deleted file]
common/errors.h [deleted file]
common/gettime.c [deleted file]
common/maperror.c [deleted file]
common/signal.c [deleted file]
common/util.h [deleted file]
contrib/UTF-8-test.txt [deleted file]
contrib/changes-in-2000 [deleted file]
contrib/why-gnupg [deleted file]
debian/README.Debian [deleted file]
debian/changelog [deleted file]
debian/control [deleted file]
debian/copyright [deleted file]
debian/distfiles [deleted file]
debian/lintian.override [deleted file]
debian/preinst [deleted file]
debian/rules [deleted file]
doc/ChangeLog [deleted file]
doc/DETAILS [deleted file]
doc/HACKING [deleted file]
doc/OpenPGP [deleted file]
doc/README.W32 [deleted file]
doc/credits-1.0 [deleted file]
doc/faq.raw [deleted file]
doc/fr/ChangeLog [deleted file]
doc/fr/DETAILS [deleted file]
doc/fr/FAQ [deleted file]
doc/fr/ [deleted file]
doc/gnupg-w32.reg [deleted file]
doc/gnupg.7 [deleted file]
doc/gpg.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gpg.texi [deleted file]
doc/gpgv.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gpgv.texi [deleted file]
doc/gph/ChangeLog [deleted file]
doc/gph/ [deleted file]
doc/gph/c1.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c2.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c3.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c4.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c5.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c6.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/c7.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/manual.sgml [deleted file]
doc/gph/signatures.fig [deleted file]
doc/gph/signatures.jpg.asc [deleted file]
doc/samplekeys.asc [deleted file]
g10/ChangeLog [deleted file]
g10/ [deleted file]
g10/armor.c [deleted file]
g10/build-packet.c [deleted file]
g10/cipher.c [deleted file]
g10/compress.c [deleted file]
g10/decrypt.c [deleted file]
g10/delkey.c [deleted file]
g10/encode.c [deleted file]
g10/exec.c [deleted file]
g10/exec.h [deleted file]
g10/export.c [deleted file]
g10/filter.h [deleted file]
g10/free-packet.c [deleted file]
g10/g10.c [deleted file]
g10/getkey.c [deleted file]
g10/gpgv.c [deleted file]
g10/import.c [deleted file]
g10/kbnode.c [deleted file]
g10/keydb.c [deleted file]
g10/keydb.h [deleted file]
g10/keyedit.c [deleted file]
g10/keygen.c [deleted file]
g10/keyid.c [deleted file]
g10/keylist.c [deleted file]
g10/keyring.c [deleted file]
g10/keyring.h [deleted file]
g10/keyserver.c [deleted file]
g10/main.h [deleted file]
g10/mainproc.c [deleted file]
g10/misc.c [deleted file]
g10/openfile.c [deleted file]
g10/options.h [deleted file]
g10/options.skel [deleted file]
g10/packet.h [deleted file]
g10/parse-packet.c [deleted file]
g10/passphrase.c [deleted file]
g10/photoid.c [deleted file]
g10/photoid.h [deleted file]
g10/pkclist.c [deleted file]
g10/plaintext.c [deleted file]
g10/pubkey-enc.c [deleted file]
g10/revoke.c [deleted file]
g10/seckey-cert.c [deleted file]
g10/sig-check.c [deleted file]
g10/sign.c [deleted file]
g10/signal.c [deleted file]
g10/status.c [deleted file]
g10/status.h [deleted file]
g10/tdbio.c [deleted file]
g10/tdbio.h [deleted file]
g10/textfilter.c [deleted file]
g10/trustdb.c [deleted file]
g10/trustdb.h [deleted file]
g10/verify.c [deleted file]
gnupg.txt [deleted file]
include/ChangeLog [deleted file]
include/cipher.h [deleted file]
include/distfiles [deleted file]
include/http.h [deleted file]
include/i18n.h [deleted file]
include/iobuf.h [deleted file]
include/memory.h [deleted file]
include/mpi.h [deleted file]
include/ttyio.h [deleted file]
include/types.h [deleted file]
include/util.h [deleted file]
intl/ChangeLog [deleted file]
intl/ [deleted file]
intl/VERSION [deleted file]
intl/bindtextdom.c [deleted file]
intl/config.charset [deleted file]
intl/dcgettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dcigettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dcngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dgettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/finddomain.c [deleted file]
intl/gettext.c [deleted file]
intl/gettext.h [deleted file]
intl/gettextP.h [deleted file]
intl/hash-string.h [deleted file]
intl/intl-compat.c [deleted file]
intl/l10nflist.c [deleted file]
intl/libgettext.h [deleted file]
intl/loadinfo.h [deleted file]
intl/loadmsgcat.c [deleted file]
intl/localcharset.c [deleted file]
intl/localealias.c [deleted file]
intl/ngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/plural.c [deleted file]
intl/plural.y [deleted file]
intl/textdomain.c [deleted file]
kbx/ChangeLog [deleted file]
kbx/ [deleted file]
kbx/kbxutil.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-blob.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-defs.h [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-dump.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-file.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-init.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-search.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox-update.c [deleted file]
kbx/keybox.h [deleted file]
keyserver/ChangeLog [deleted file]
keyserver/ [deleted file]
keyserver/gpgkeys_hkp.c [deleted file]
keyserver/gpgkeys_ldap.c [deleted file]
keyserver/ [deleted file]
keyserver/ [deleted file]
mpi/ChangeLog [deleted file]
mpi/ [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/README [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/alpha/udiv-qrnnd.S [deleted file]
mpi/config.links [deleted file]
mpi/g10m.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpi-asm-defs.h [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-add1.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-lshift.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-mul1.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-mul2.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-mul3.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-rshift.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/mpih-sub1.c [deleted file]
mpi/generic/udiv-w-sdiv.c [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/README [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa/udiv-qrnnd.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa1.1/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/hppa1.1/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa1.1/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa1.1/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/hppa1.1/udiv-qrnnd.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/README [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386-openbsd/syntax.h [deleted file]
mpi/i386/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i386/syntax.h [deleted file]
mpi/i586/README [deleted file]
mpi/i586/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/i586/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/longlong.h [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mc68020/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mc68020/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mc68020/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mc68020/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/m68k/syntax.h [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/README [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpi-asm-defs.h [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/mips3/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-add.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-bit.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-cmp.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-div.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-gcd.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-inline.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-inline.h [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-internal.h [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-inv.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-mpow.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-mul.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-pow.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpi-scan.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpicoder.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpih-cmp.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpih-div.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpih-mul.c [deleted file]
mpi/mpiutil.c [deleted file]
mpi/pa7100/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/pa7100/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/pa7100/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/power/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/mpih-sub1.S [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc32/syntax.h [deleted file]
mpi/powerpc64/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32/mpih-add1.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32/mpih-lshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32/mpih-rshift.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32/udiv.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32v8/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32v8/mpih-mul1.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32v8/mpih-mul2.S [deleted file]
mpi/sparc32v8/mpih-mul3.S [deleted file]
mpi/supersparc/distfiles [deleted file]
mpi/supersparc/udiv.S [deleted file]
po/ [deleted file]
po/ca.po [deleted file]
po/cs.po [deleted file]
po/da.po [deleted file]
po/de.glo [deleted file]
po/de.po [deleted file]
po/el.po [deleted file]
po/eo.po [deleted file]
po/es.po [deleted file]
po/et.po [deleted file]
po/fr.po [deleted file]
po/gl.po [deleted file]
po/id.po [deleted file]
po/it.po [deleted file]
po/ja.po [deleted file]
po/nl.po [deleted file]
po/pl.po [deleted file]
po/pt.po [deleted file]
po/pt_BR.po [deleted file]
po/sv.po [deleted file]
po/tr.po [deleted file]
scd/ChangeLog [deleted file]
scd/ [deleted file]
scd/card-common.h [deleted file]
scd/card-dinsig.c [deleted file]
scd/card-p15.c [deleted file]
scd/card.c [deleted file]
scd/command.c [deleted file]
scd/scdaemon.c [deleted file]
scd/scdaemon.h [deleted file]
scripts/ChangeLog [deleted file]
scripts/ [deleted file]
scripts/build-riscos [deleted file]
scripts/build-w32 [deleted file]
scripts/commit [deleted file]
scripts/conf-riscos/Makefile [deleted file]
scripts/conf-riscos/include/config.h [deleted file]
scripts/conf-riscos/include/g10defs.h [deleted file]
scripts/config.guess [deleted file]
scripts/config.sub [deleted file]
scripts/distfiles [deleted file]
scripts/ [deleted file]
scripts/gnupgbug [deleted file]
scripts/log_accum [deleted file]
scripts/mail-to-translators [deleted file]
scripts/mk-gpg-texi [deleted file]
scripts/mk-w32-dist [deleted file]
scripts/mkdiff [deleted file]
scripts/mkinstalldirs [deleted file]
scripts/mksnapshot [deleted file]
scripts/mkwebpage [deleted file]
sm/ChangeLog [deleted file]
sm/ [deleted file]
sm/base64.c [deleted file]
sm/call-agent.c [deleted file]
sm/call-dirmngr.c [deleted file]
sm/certchain.c [deleted file]
sm/certcheck.c [deleted file]
sm/certdump.c [deleted file]
sm/certlist.c [deleted file]
sm/certreqgen.c [deleted file]
sm/decrypt.c [deleted file]
sm/delete.c [deleted file]
sm/encrypt.c [deleted file]
sm/export.c [deleted file]
sm/fingerprint.c [deleted file]
sm/gpgsm.c [deleted file]
sm/gpgsm.h [deleted file]
sm/import.c [deleted file]
sm/keydb.c [deleted file]
sm/keylist.c [deleted file]
sm/server.c [deleted file]
sm/sign.c [deleted file]
sm/verify.c [deleted file] [deleted file]
tests/ChangeLog [deleted file]
tests/ [deleted file]
tests/asschk.c [deleted file]
tests/inittests [deleted file]
tools/ChangeLog [deleted file]
tools/ [deleted file]
tools/bftest.c [deleted file]
tools/clean-sat.c [deleted file]
tools/crlf.c [deleted file]
tools/gpgsplit.c [deleted file]
tools/lspgpot [deleted file]
tools/mail-signed-keys [deleted file]
tools/mk-tdata.c [deleted file]
tools/mpicalc.c [deleted file]
tools/ring-a-party [deleted file]
tools/shmtest.c [deleted file]
tools/signmany [deleted file]
util/ChangeLog [deleted file]
util/ [deleted file]
util/argparse.c [deleted file]
util/dotlock.c [deleted file]
util/errors.c [deleted file]
util/fileutil.c [deleted file]
util/g10u.c [deleted file]
util/http.c [deleted file]
util/iobuf.c [deleted file]
util/logger.c [deleted file]
util/memory.c [deleted file]
util/miscutil.c [deleted file]
util/riscos.c [deleted file]
util/secmem.c [deleted file]
util/simple-gettext.c [deleted file]
util/strgutil.c [deleted file]
util/ttyio.c [deleted file]
util/w32reg.c [deleted file]
zlib/ChangeLog [deleted file]
zlib/ [deleted file]
zlib/README [deleted file]
zlib/adler32.c [deleted file]
zlib/algorithm.doc [deleted file]
zlib/compress.c [deleted file]
zlib/crc32.c [deleted file]
zlib/deflate.c [deleted file]
zlib/deflate.h [deleted file]
zlib/example.c [deleted file]
zlib/infblock.c [deleted file]
zlib/infblock.h [deleted file]
zlib/infcodes.c [deleted file]
zlib/infcodes.h [deleted file]
zlib/inffast.c [deleted file]
zlib/inffast.h [deleted file]
zlib/inffixed.h [deleted file]
zlib/inflate.c [deleted file]
zlib/inftrees.c [deleted file]
zlib/inftrees.h [deleted file]
zlib/infutil.c [deleted file]
zlib/infutil.h [deleted file]
zlib/trees.c [deleted file]
zlib/trees.h [deleted file]
zlib/uncompr.c [deleted file]
zlib/zconf.h [deleted file]
zlib/zlib.h [deleted file]
zlib/zutil.c [deleted file]
zlib/zutil.h [deleted file]