Removed directories which are only used by the 1.9 branch
authorWerner Koch <>
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 14:18:59 +0000 (14:18 +0000)
committerWerner Koch <>
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 14:18:59 +0000 (14:18 +0000)
Removed directories which are only used by the 1.9 branch
100 files changed:
agent/ChangeLog [deleted file]
agent/ [deleted file]
agent/agent.h [deleted file]
agent/cache.c [deleted file]
agent/call-scd.c [deleted file]
agent/command.c [deleted file]
agent/divert-scd.c [deleted file]
agent/findkey.c [deleted file]
agent/genkey.c [deleted file]
agent/gpg-agent.c [deleted file]
agent/keyformat.txt [deleted file]
agent/learncard.c [deleted file]
agent/minip12.c [deleted file]
agent/minip12.h [deleted file]
agent/pkdecrypt.c [deleted file]
agent/pksign.c [deleted file]
agent/protect-tool.c [deleted file]
agent/protect.c [deleted file]
agent/query.c [deleted file]
agent/sexp-parse.h [deleted file]
agent/simple-pwquery.c [deleted file]
agent/simple-pwquery.h [deleted file]
agent/trans.c [deleted file]
agent/trustlist.c [deleted file]
common/ChangeLog [deleted file]
common/ [deleted file]
common/README [deleted file]
common/cryptmiss.c [deleted file]
common/errors.h [deleted file]
common/fopencookie.c [deleted file]
common/fseeko.c [deleted file]
common/ftello.c [deleted file]
common/gettime.c [deleted file]
common/i18n.h [deleted file]
common/iobuf.c [deleted file]
common/iobuf.h [deleted file]
common/isascii.c [deleted file]
common/maperror.c [deleted file]
common/membuf.c [deleted file]
common/membuf.h [deleted file]
common/miscellaneous.c [deleted file]
common/mkdtemp.c [deleted file]
common/mkerrors [deleted file]
common/mkerrtok [deleted file]
common/putc_unlocked.c [deleted file]
common/signal.c [deleted file]
common/simple-pwquery.c [deleted file]
common/simple-pwquery.h [deleted file]
common/sysutils.c [deleted file]
common/sysutils.h [deleted file]
common/ttyio.c [deleted file]
common/ttyio.h [deleted file]
common/util.h [deleted file]
common/vasprintf.c [deleted file]
common/yesno.c [deleted file]
scd/ChangeLog [deleted file]
scd/ [deleted file]
scd/apdu.c [deleted file]
scd/apdu.h [deleted file]
scd/app-common.h [deleted file]
scd/app-openpgp.c [deleted file]
scd/app.c [deleted file]
scd/atr.c [deleted file]
scd/atr.h [deleted file]
scd/card-common.h [deleted file]
scd/card-dinsig.c [deleted file]
scd/card-p15.c [deleted file]
scd/card.c [deleted file]
scd/command.c [deleted file]
scd/iso7816.c [deleted file]
scd/iso7816.h [deleted file]
scd/sc-copykeys.c [deleted file]
scd/sc-investigate.c [deleted file]
scd/scdaemon.c [deleted file]
scd/scdaemon.h [deleted file]
sm/ChangeLog [deleted file]
sm/ [deleted file]
sm/base64.c [deleted file]
sm/call-agent.c [deleted file]
sm/call-dirmngr.c [deleted file]
sm/certchain.c [deleted file]
sm/certcheck.c [deleted file]
sm/certdump.c [deleted file]
sm/certlist.c [deleted file]
sm/certreqgen.c [deleted file]
sm/decrypt.c [deleted file]
sm/delete.c [deleted file]
sm/encrypt.c [deleted file]
sm/export.c [deleted file]
sm/fingerprint.c [deleted file]
sm/gpgsm.c [deleted file]
sm/gpgsm.h [deleted file]
sm/import.c [deleted file]
sm/keydb.c [deleted file]
sm/keydb.h [deleted file]
sm/keylist.c [deleted file]
sm/misc.c [deleted file]
sm/server.c [deleted file]
sm/sign.c [deleted file]
sm/verify.c [deleted file]