* gpgsm.c (main): Don't print the "go ahead" message for an
[gnupg.git] / assuan / assuan-handler.c
2002-02-28 Werner Koch* assuan-client.c (assuan_transact): Add 2 more argumen...
2002-01-20 Werner Koch* assuan.h: Added Invalid Option error code.
2002-01-19 Werner Koch* assuan-buffer.c (_assuan_read_line): Add output logging.
2002-01-10 Werner Koch* assuan-handler.c (assuan_set_okay_line): New.
2001-12-14 Werner Koch* assuan-listen.c (assuan_close_input_fd): New.
2001-12-14 Werner Koch* util.h (digitp, hexdigitp): New ctype like macros.
2001-12-13 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-13 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@gnu.org>
2001-12-13 Werner KochFixed INPUT/OUTPUT command
2001-12-12 Werner Koch* assuan-connect.c (assuan_pipe_connect): Implemented...
2001-12-05 Werner Kochassuan-connect.c (assuan_pipe_connect): Add more error...
2001-11-27 Werner Koch* assuan-handler.c (assuan_register_input_notify):...
2001-11-25 Werner Koch(assuan_process): Moved bulk of function to ..
2001-11-25 Werner Koch* assuan-handler.c (assuan_register_bye_notify)
2001-11-19 Werner KochAdded code for data lines. For ease of implementation...
2001-11-19 Werner KochAllow to store an arbitrary pointer in the context.
2001-11-07 Werner KochAssuan server mode is now basically usable
2001-11-06 Werner KochFirst chunk of code for the Assuan library