Use ADNS for PKA and SRV records if no other resolver is available.
[gnupg.git] /
2005-01-23 David Shaw* Define FTPS flag if we're using curl...
2005-01-20 Werner Koch* g10.c (i18n_init) [W32]: Pass registry key to gettext
2005-01-19 David Shaw* NEWS: Note --rfc2440-text import/export-unusable...
2005-01-17 Werner KochSame for
2005-01-17 Werner KochMake --without-included-zlib work as
2005-01-13 Werner Kochpost release updates
2005-01-13 Werner Koch* acinclude.m4 (GNUPG_PTH_VERSION_CHECK): Link a simple... V1-9-15
2005-01-03 David Shaw* Use new GNUPG_CHECK_LIBUSB macro.
2004-12-30 David Shaw* Better implementation for the SRV check...
2004-12-24 David Shaw* Use new LIBCURL_CHECK_CONFIG macro...
2004-12-22 Werner KochPost release updates
2004-12-22 Werner Koch(set_binary): New.
2004-12-22 David Shaw* --enable-ftp is on by default, --with...
2004-12-21 David ShawAs always, CVS leaves out the local directory?
2004-12-20 Werner Koch* Add PATHSEP_C and PATHSEP_S. For W32...
2004-12-18 David ShawOddly commit missed this one.
2004-12-18 Werner Koch* (AH_BOTTOM): Define EXEEXT_S.
2004-12-17 David Shaw* Add a --with-ldap=DIR so people can...
2004-12-16 David Shaw* Check for arpa/nameser.h.
2004-12-16 Werner Kochpost release updates
2004-12-16 Werner KochAbout to release 1.4.0
2004-12-15 Werner KochA whole bunch of changes to allow building for W32.
2004-12-14 Werner Kochpost release updates
2004-12-14 Werner KochPrepared for last 1.4 release candidate
2004-12-07 Werner Koch* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment) [W32]: Do not...
2004-12-06 Werner Koch* (have_w32_system): New. Disable Pth...
2004-12-03 Werner Kochpost release version number updates
2004-12-03 Werner KochPreparing 1.9.13
2004-12-02 Werner KochFirst take on a W32 port
2004-11-06 David Shaw* Autodetect wldap32 on Windoze.
2004-11-05 David Shaw* README, Add --enable-backsigs to enable...
2004-10-28 Werner Kochpost release preparations
2004-10-28 Werner KochAbout to release 1.3.92
2004-10-26 Werner Koch* New option --disable-gnupg-iconv, define
2004-10-26 Werner Koch* New option --disable-gnupg-iconv, define
2004-10-22 Werner KochPost release preparations
2004-10-22 Werner KochReleasing 1.9.12 V1-9-12
2004-10-21 Werner Koch* Remove the check for asprintf
2004-10-15 Werner Kochpost release preparations
2004-10-15 Werner Koch* README: Mentioned --enable-selinux-support.
2004-10-15 Werner Koch* (DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): New.
2004-10-15 Werner Koch* (DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): New.
2004-10-13 Werner Koch* Actually name the option --disable...
2004-10-13 Werner Koch* Actually name the option --disable...
2004-10-11 Werner Koch* New option --disable-finger.
2004-10-01 Werner Kochpost release preparations
2004-10-01 Werner Kochpost release preparations
2004-10-01 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
2004-10-01 Werner Koch* mk-w32-dist: Updated from stable branch.
2004-09-30 Werner KochPreparing a new release. Updated gettext
2004-09-17 Werner Koch* Don't check for usb_create_match or
2004-09-15 David Shaw* Give warning when using capabilities...
2004-09-11 David Shaw* NEWS: Note HTTP basic auth.
2004-09-09 Werner Koch* README: Doc --disable-card-support and --without...
2004-09-09 Werner Koch* Check for readline.
2004-08-17 Werner Koch* import.c (check_and_store): Do a full validation if
2004-08-05 Werner Koch* Changed tests for libusb to also suupor...
2004-07-27 Werner Koch* (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): New.
2004-07-27 Moritz Schulte2004-07-27 Moritz Schulte <>
2004-07-22 Werner Kochpost-release version number bump
2004-07-22 Werner Koch* Define AM conditional HAVE_OPENSC. V1-9-10
2004-07-22 Werner Koch* trustlist.c (read_list): Allow colons in the fingerprint.
2004-07-20 Werner KochNew option --enable-agent-only.
2004-06-08 Werner Kochpost release version bump
2004-06-08 Werner Kochabout to release 1.9.9 V1-9-9
2004-06-06 Werner Koch* Require libksba 0.9.7.
2004-05-24 David Shaw* Try for wldap32 on Win32 platforms.
2004-05-22 Werner KochAbout to release 1.3.6
2004-05-21 David Shaw* Replacement function for timegm()....
2004-05-20 David Shaw* NEWS: Note HTTP key fetching.
2004-05-11 Werner Koch* gpgsm.h (opt): Add member CONFIG_FILENAME.
2004-04-29 Werner Kochpost release version bump
2004-04-29 Werner KochAbout to release 1.9.8
2004-04-20 Werner KochRemove the fopencookie test. We don't need the
2004-04-06 Werner Kochpost release re-versioning
2004-04-06 Werner KochAbout to release 1.9.7 V1-9-7
2004-04-06 Werner Koch* Require libgcrypt 1.1.94.
2004-04-06 Werner KochRequire libgcrypt 1.1.94.
2004-03-23 Werner Koch* Define SAFE_VERSION_DASH and SAFE_VERSI...
2004-03-16 Werner Koch* (NEED_GPG_ERROR_VERSION): Set to 0.7.
2004-03-06 Werner Kochpost release development preparations
2004-03-06 Werner KochPreparing for a release
2004-02-26 Werner KochPost release version number change
2004-02-26 Werner KochPreparing for 1.3.5 V1-3-5
2004-02-25 Werner KochNew option --disable-threads to inhibit
2004-02-21 Werner Kochpost release version bumb
2004-02-21 Werner KochAbout to release 1.9.5 V1-9-5
2004-02-20 David Shaw* Check for timegm(). Replacement functi...
2004-02-20 Werner KochFixed URLs in the notice messages.
2004-02-19 David Shaw* Check for ln -s and add GPGKEYS_LDAP...
2004-02-19 David Shaw* Simplify the LDAP checking code since...
2004-02-13 Werner KochRequire libksba 0.9.4 and libgcrypt 1.1.92.
2004-02-12 Werner Koch* am/ New.
2004-01-30 Werner KochPost release updated
2004-01-30 Werner Koch* Require libksba 0.9.3 due to another...
2004-01-29 Werner Koch* README: Updated.
2004-01-28 David Shaw* NEWS: Note --enable-key-cache, the OpenBSD/i386 and...
2004-01-27 Werner KochSome minor bug fixes, new test utilities and started...
2004-01-13 Werner Koch* Use -Wformat-nonliteral in maintainer...
2004-01-12 David Shaw* Include stdio.h when checking for bzlib...