* options.h, gpg.c (main), mainproc.c (check_sig_and_print), keyserver.c
[gnupg.git] / g10 / ccid-driver.h
2006-02-06 Werner KochAdd support fro CardMan 4040
2005-05-31 Werner KochUpdated FSF street address and preparations for a relea...
2004-10-20 Werner Koch* apdu.c (apdu_open_reader): Load pcsc_get_status_chang...
2004-10-11 Werner Koch* configure.ac: New option --disable-finger.
2004-09-20 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (open_card): Use shutdown code if possible.
2004-09-17 Werner Koch* configure.ac: Don't check for usb_create_match or
2004-09-15 Werner Koch* g10.c [HAVE_LIBUSB]: New option --debug-ccid-driver.
2004-09-09 Werner Koch* README: Doc --disable-card-support and --without...
2004-04-27 Werner KochA bunch of changes for the openpgp card.
2003-10-10 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (card_close): New.
2003-09-28 Werner Koch* g10.c (main): New commands --card-edit, --card-status and