Fix the previous commit.
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2019-03-06 Werner Kochgpgtar: Make option -C work for archive creation.
2019-03-06 Werner Kochagent: Re-introduce --enable-extended-key-format.
2019-03-06 Werner Kochgpgtar: Improve error messages.
2019-03-06 Werner Kochagent: Default to extended key format.
2019-03-06 Werner Kochcard: Allow PEM encoded certificates in "writecert".
2019-03-06 Werner Kochcard: Print the keyref also for non-initialized slots.
2019-03-05 Werner Kochcard: Print card version. Check for bad Yubikeys.
2019-03-05 Werner Kochscd:piv: Implement import of private keys for Yubikeys.
2019-03-01 Werner Kochcard: Remove the "admin" command.
2019-02-26 Werner Kochconf: New option --show-socket.
2019-02-25 Werner Kochcard: Rename gpg-card-tool to gpg-card.
2019-02-21 Werner Kochcard: Print usage info for each key.
2019-02-21 Werner Kochcard: Print the keyref in the listing.
2019-02-13 Werner Kochcard: New command "yubikey".
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcommon: Provide function to get public key algo names...
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcard: Make "generate" work for PIV cards.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Print the used algorithm of all keys.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Fix a NULL-ptr deref in key listings.
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Support reading and writing PIV certificates
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Add readline completion for help arguments
2019-02-06 Werner Kochscd: Implement PIN changing and unblocking for PIV...
2019-02-05 Werner Kochscd: Allow standard keyref scheme for app-openpgp.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochcard: Implement non-interactive mode.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochcard: New command 'authenticate'.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcard: Cache the results from gpg and gpgsm.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcard: Print matching OpenPGP and X.509 data.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Support factory reset for Yubikey PIV application.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Print keyinfo for PIV cards.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Make printing of key information more flexible.
2019-01-27 Werner Kochcard: Implement the bulk of OpenPGP stuff into gpg...
2019-01-22 Werner Kochcard-tool: Add skeleton for new tool
2018-12-18 Werner Kochwks: Do not use compression for the encrypted data.
2018-12-17 Werner KochSilence a few compiler warnings new with gcc 8.
2018-12-11 Tomi Leppänentools: Use POSIX compatible arguments for find
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Fix filter expression syntax flaw.
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Allow reading of --install-key arguments from...
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Create sub-directories
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Add new commands --install-key and --remove-key...
2018-12-04 Werner Kochwks: Move a few server functions to wks-util.
2018-11-26 Andre Heineckew32: Fix linkage of gpg-pair-tool
2018-11-14 Werner KochMerge branch 'seckey-sync-work' into master
2018-11-14 Werner KochRemove the gpg-zip script.
2018-11-12 Werner Kochcommon: Prepare for parsing mail sub-addresses.
2018-11-05 Werner Kochwks: New option --with-colons for gpg-wks-client.
2018-10-26 Werner Kochwkd: Add option --directory to the server.
2018-10-25 Daniel Kahn Gillmorall: fix more spelling errors
2018-10-25 Daniel Kahn Gillmorheaders: fix spelling
2018-10-24 Daniel Kahn Gillmorall: fix spelling and typos
2018-10-24 Werner Kochtools: Fix FILE memory leak in gpg-connect-agent.
2018-10-15 Werner Kochtools: Replace duplicated code in mime-maker.
2018-07-05 Werner Kochtools: Add experimental code for a pairing protocol seckey-sync-work
2018-06-19 Werner Kochwks: Take name of sendmail from configure.
2018-06-12 Werner KochSome preparations to eventuallt use gpgrt_argparse.
2018-05-13 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-04-10 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-03-27 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-03-06 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into wk-master
2018-02-28 Andre Heineckegpgconf, w32: Allow UNC paths
2018-02-22 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2'
2018-02-20 Werner Kochwks: Add special mode to --install-key.
2018-02-20 Werner Kochwks: Implement server command --install-key.
2018-02-20 Werner Kochwks: Support alternative submission address.
2018-01-26 NIIBE YutakaMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-01-25 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-12-19 Werner Kochwks: New server options --check, --with-dir, with-file.
2017-12-18 Werner Kochconf: New option --status-fd.
2017-12-18 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-12-18 Werner Kochgpgconf: Show --compliance in expert mode.
2017-12-18 Werner Kochsm: Allow explicit setting of the default --compliance...
2017-12-11 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-12-11 Werner KochAdjust for changed macro names in libgpg-error
2017-11-15 Werner KochMerge T3490-proposal1 into master
2017-11-15 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2'
2017-11-15 Andre Heineckegpgtar: Prefer --set-filename over implicit name
2017-10-27 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-10-24 Werner Kochgpgconf: Ignore non-installed components with --apply...
2017-09-26 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-09-18 Werner Kochwks: Create a new user id if provider wants mailbox...
2017-09-18 Werner Kochwks: Send only the newest UID to the server.
2017-09-18 Werner Kochwks: Print the UID creation time with gpg-wks-client...
2017-09-18 Werner Kochwks: Use dedicated type to convey user ids.
2017-09-12 Werner Kochwks: Add hack for the broken posteo system
2017-09-12 Werner Kochwks: Add new policy flag protocol-version
2017-09-12 Werner Kochwks: Use unencrypted draft-1 mode for
2017-09-12 Werner Kochtools: New function mime_maker_add_body_data.
2017-08-23 Werner Kochgpgconf: Swap "auto-key-retrieve" and "no-auto-key...
2017-08-23 Werner Kochbuild: Change SWDB tag "gnupg21" to "gnupg22".
2017-08-21 Damien Goutte-Gattatgpgconf: Make WoT settings configurable by gpgconf.
2017-08-08 Justus Wintergpg: Add option '--disable-dirmngr'.
2017-08-05 Werner Kochgpg: gpgconf needs to support the now default --auto...
2017-08-04 Werner Kochgpg: Make --no-auto-key-retrieve gpgconf-igurable.
2017-08-04 Werner Kochagent: Make --no-grab the default.
2017-08-03 Werner Kochwks: Allow gpg-wks-client --supported with just the...
2017-08-01 NIIBE YutakaSimple typo fix.
2017-07-28 Werner Kochagent: Make --ssh-fingerprint-digest re-readable.
2017-07-26 Werner Kochwks: Fix program names in the usage diagnostics.
2017-07-26 Werner Kochwks: Add stubs for new gpg-wks-server commands.
2017-07-19 NIIBE Yutakagpgconf: Make vars read-only explicitly.
2017-07-19 NIIBE YutakaFix usage of ARGPARSE_OPTS.
2017-06-19 Werner KochChange license of some files to LGPLv2.1.