2003-09-30 Werner KochMinor fixes
2003-09-30 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
2003-09-26 Timo Schulz2003-09-26 Timo Schulz <>
2003-09-24 Werner Koch(print_isoname,card_status): Handle opt.with_colons.
2003-09-23 Werner KochMerged most of David Shaw's changes in 1.3 since 2003...
2003-09-22 Timo Schulz2003-09-22 Timo Schulz <>
2003-09-19 Werner Koch(parse_ccid_descriptor): New.
2003-09-18 Werner Koch* g10.c: New command --card-edit.
2003-09-18 Werner Koch(tty_fprintf): New.
2003-09-06 Werner KochPost release version number update
2003-09-06 Werner Koch* Required newer versions of some libraries. V1-9-1
2003-09-05 Werner Koch* ccid-driver.c: More work, data can now actually be...
2003-09-05 Werner Koch* keygen.c (do_add_key_flags, parse_parameter_usage)
2003-09-02 Werner Koch* (HAVE_LIBUSB): Added a simple test for...
2003-08-26 Timo Schulz2003-08-26 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-25 Timo Schulz2003-08-25 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-25 Werner Koch(cmd_setattr): Use a copy of LINE.
2003-08-20 Timo Schulz2003-08-20 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-08-19 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c, scdaemon.h: New option --pcsc-driver.
2003-08-19 Marcus Brinkmann2003-08-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-08-18 Timo Schulz * mdc.c (use_mdc): Simplified.
2003-08-18 Timo Schulz2003-08-18 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-18 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c, scdaemon.h: New option --disable-opensc.
2003-08-18 Werner Koch* Add OPENSC_LIBS to all programs.
2003-08-14 Timo SchulzAdd 'dynload.h' to
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz2003-08-14 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-14 Timo SchulzForgot to remove the unsued variable.
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz2003-08-14 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz * Always use 'dynload.h' instead of 'dlfcn.h'.
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz*** empty log message ***
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz2003-08-14 Timo Schulz <>
2003-08-07 Werner Koch(pk_sign): Fix last change.
2003-08-05 Werner KochBumbed version number
2003-08-05 Werner KochAbout to release the first 1.9 version.
2003-08-05 Werner KochCleanups, fixes and PC/SC support
2003-08-05 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-07-31 Werner Kochminor changes to make make distcheck happy
2003-07-29 Werner Koch* gpgsm.c (main): Add secmem features and set the rando...
2003-07-28 Werner KochAdjusted for use with current libgcrypt (1.1.42).
2003-07-24 Werner Koch* g10.c: New command --card-status.
2003-07-23 Werner Koch* keygen.c (generate_keypair): Create an AUTHKEYTYPE...
2003-07-16 Werner Koch* export.c (parse_export_options): New option sexp...
2003-07-04 Werner KochMinor changes to make make dist work correctly.
2003-07-03 Werner Koch* cipher.h (DBG_CIPHER,g10c_debug_mode): Removed.
2003-07-03 Werner Koch* options.h (DBG_CIPHER): Reintroduced it.
2003-07-01 Werner Koch* app-openpgp.c (store_fpr): Fixed fingerprint calculation.
2003-06-27 Werner KochKey generation and signing using the OpenPGP card does...
2003-06-23 Werner KochFixes to the libgcrypt switch. Basically works now.
2003-06-18 Werner KochFinished the bulk of changes for gnupg 1.9. This inclu...
2003-06-05 Werner KochA small step for GnuPG but a huge leap for error codes.
2003-06-05 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-06-03 Werner KochMake use of libgpg-error
2003-04-29 Werner KochUpdate to gettext 0.11.5
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: New options --print-atr and --reader...
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* Build a limited version of scdaemon...
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* LINUGAS: NEW.
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* (ALL_LINUGAS): Removed.
2003-01-09 Werner KochCopied wrong files. Fixed.
2003-01-09 Werner KochTaken from NewPG
2003-01-09 Werner Kochtaken from NewPG
2003-01-09 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-01-09 Werner KochTaken from NewPG
2003-01-09 Werner KochUpdated from latest NewPG project
2003-01-09 Werner KochUpdated from NewPG
2002-10-19 Werner Koch* Bumped version number to 1.9.0-cvs.
2002-10-19 Werner KochMerged Top directory of NewPG with GnuPG.
2002-10-19 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-10-18 Werner KochBumped version number for cvs version
2002-10-18 Werner Koch* (hkp.c): Removed. V1-3-0
2002-10-18 Werner Koch* Changed version number comments.
2002-10-18 Werner Koch* config.links (powerpc-apple-darwin6.1): Disable assembler
2002-10-17 Werner Koch* Allow env variables to override the auto...
2002-10-17 Werner Koch* pkclist.c (do_edit_ownertrust): Show all user IDs...
2002-10-17 David Shaw* README: Multiple A record rotation works with MINGW32...
2002-10-17 David Shaw* http.c (connect_server): Try all A records for names...
2002-10-17 David Shaw* g10.c (main): Handle --strict and --no-strict from...
2002-10-17 Werner KochFlorian Weimer reminded me about that
2002-10-16 David Shaw* README: Some typo fixes from Florian Weimer, and...
2002-10-15 David Shaw* g10.c (main): Disable --textmode when encrypting...
2002-10-15 David Shaw* NEWS: Some 1.3 notes.
2002-10-14 David Shaw* gpgkeys_hkp.c (write_quoted): Use %-encoding instead...
2002-10-14 David Shaw* gpgkeys_ldap.c (get_key): Don't print keysize unless...
2002-10-14 David Shaw* keyserver.h: Go to KEYSERVER_PROTO_VERSION 1.
2002-10-14 David Shaw* keyserver-internal.h, keyserver.c (print_keyrec,...
2002-10-14 Werner KochAdd simple tool to sign all keys in a keyring
2002-10-12 Werner Koch* (NAME_OF_DEV_URANDOM): Use /dev/urandom for
2002-10-12 Werner Koch* rndunix.c (my_popen): Make sure that stdin and stderr are
2002-10-12 Werner Koch* keygen.c (print_status_key_created): New.
2002-10-12 Werner Koch* DETAILS (KEY_CREATED): Enhanced by fingerprint.
2002-10-11 David Shaw* keyedit.c (menu_addrevoker): Properly back out if...
2002-10-11 David Shaw* http.c (connect_server): Properly handle a single...
2002-10-09 David Shaw* gpgkeys_ldap.c (search_key, main): Make sure LDAP...
2002-10-09 David Shaw* gpgkeys_ldap.c (fail_all): New function to unwind...
2002-10-09 David Shaw* keyserver.h: Add new error code KEYSERVER_UNREACHABLE.
2002-10-07 David ShawAnd changelog :)
2002-10-07 David Shaw* import.c (import_keys_internal): Missed one s/inp...
2002-10-07 David Shaw* OpenLDAP 2.0.27 changed the dependencie...
2002-10-04 David Shaw* getkey.c (get_pubkey_direct): Don't cache keys retrie...