4 days ago Christian Loehlepo: Fix "bees" typo master
2018-10-24 Werner KochTrim tooltips before displaying.
2018-10-23 Werner Kochpo: Added missing files and sorted POTFILES
2018-10-18 Werner KochReplace use of the GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_LOCATE alias
2018-10-18 Werner KochAllow searchin in the key listing also for mail addresses.
2018-10-16 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-10-16 Werner KochRelease 0.10.0 gpa-0.10.0
2018-10-16 Werner Kochpo: Auto update
2018-10-16 Werner KochRequire more modern versions of libraries.
2018-10-16 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation
2018-10-16 Werner KochMake sure valid utf-8 is passed to GtkTextView.
2018-10-16 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2018-10-16 Werner KochIn --locate-key mode ley Retrieve_Key not search in...
2018-10-16 Werner KochAdd more details buttons to error dialogs.
2018-10-16 Werner KochMake diagnostic dialog scrollable.
2018-10-15 Werner Kochpo: Update Swedish translation
2018-10-15 Werner KochAdd context menu to copy a private key to the clipboard.
2018-10-15 Werner KochAdd diagnostic button to some error report dialogs.
2018-10-15 Werner KochLet Server->Retrieve_Key use --locate-key for a mail...
2018-10-15 Werner KochAdd context menu to copy the fingerprint(s).
2018-10-15 Werner KochShow GPGME version in the about dialog.
2018-06-05 Werner KochSimplify a xmalloc+snprintf use.
2018-06-05 IneievUnescape description texts.
2018-06-05 IneievFix percent unescaping.
2018-06-05 IneievEliminate arbitrary length limit on labels.
2018-04-16 Werner KochAdd a User ID notebook page.
2018-04-16 Damien Goutte... Load the secret keyring before the public one.
2017-09-13 Werner KochUse the new gpgme_op_interact interface.
2017-09-13 Werner KochFix listing of algorithm/keysize in the subkey window.
2017-07-13 Zdeněk Hatašpo: czech translation update
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix crash on filename conversion error
2017-04-13 Andre Heineckew32: Make location of locale dir more flexible
2017-02-24 Werner KochChange license of card application modules to LGPLv3...
2017-02-09 Werner KochAdd mimetimes to gpa.desktop
2016-12-01 Werner KochTypo fix in NEWS
2016-12-01 Zdeněk Hatašpo: czech translation update
2016-11-29 Andreas RönnquistFix typo.
2016-11-19 Werner KochPost release updates.
2016-11-19 Werner KochRelease 0.9.10 gpa-0.9.10
2016-11-19 Werner Kochpo: Auto update.
2016-11-19 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation.
2016-11-19 Werner Kochpo: Add zh_CN translation
2016-11-19 Andreas RönnquistFix some minor problems in original English strings
2016-11-05 Werner KochFix make distcheck broken by last commit.
2016-11-05 Werner KochAdd new tab to the key details with TOFU information.
2016-09-16 Werner KochRemove the keyid column from two lists.
2016-07-18 Justus WinterFix drag-and-drop.
2016-05-20 Werner KochMake the gpgme edito FSM more robust.
2015-11-03 Neal H. WalfieldProvide an option to choose an alternate name for files...
2015-09-11 Werner KochFix segv when if build against gpgme 1.6.1.
2015-09-11 Werner KochAllow deletion of X.509 keys.
2015-09-09 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-09-09 Werner KochRelease 0.9.9 gpa-0.9.9
2015-09-09 Werner KochFix build problem for gpgme < 1.6.1
2015-09-09 Werner KochPost release updates.
2015-09-09 Werner KochRelease 0.9.8 gpa-0.9.8
2015-09-09 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2015-09-09 Werner Kochbuild: Use AC_PROG_MKDIR_P to silence autoconf warning.
2015-09-09 Werner Kochbuild: Update config.guess et al.
2015-09-08 Werner KochDo not mention the now closed gpa-dev list.
2015-08-31 Werner KochUse GnuPG 2.1 style pubkey algo format also for subkey...
2015-08-30 Werner KochPrint the GnuPP 2.1 style pubkey algo string in key...
2015-08-30 Werner KochTruncate user ids in some dialogs.
2015-08-30 Werner KochStart off with the clipboard instead of the file manager.
2015-08-25 Werner KochImprove error handling for the sign key command.
2015-01-22 Werner KochFix handling of the windows close button in confirmatio...
2014-12-12 Werner KochPost release updates
2014-12-12 Werner KochRelease 0.9.7 gpa-0.9.7
2014-12-12 Werner Kochpo: Auto update.
2014-12-11 Werner KochReplace deprecated gpgme API for card access.
2014-12-08 Werner Kochpo: Use the term "USB stick" for the backup message.
2014-12-08 Werner KochAdd another OpenPGP card vendor.
2014-12-08 Werner KochFloppy drives are pretty rare these days advice to...
2014-12-08 Werner Kochpo: Update the German translation.
2014-12-08 Werner KochSupport sending keys with GnuPG 2.1.
2014-12-05 Werner KochUpdate card vendor list and fix one typo.
2014-11-21 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-11-21 Werner KochRelease 0.9.6. gpa-0.9.6
2014-11-21 Werner KochDo not create gzipped tarball.
2014-11-21 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2014-11-21 Werner KochGet rid of Gtk+ warning
2014-11-21 Werner KochAdd a Refresh Key function to the key manager's context...
2014-11-21 Zdeněk Hatašpo: Update Czech translation
2014-11-20 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2014-11-20 Werner KochImplement the IMPORT_FILES server command.
2014-11-18 Werner KochMake receiving keys from a keyserver work with GnuPG 2.1
2014-11-18 Werner KochAdd functions gpa_show_info and gpa_show_warning.
2014-11-18 Werner KochDo not show the keyserver setting with gnupg 2.1.0.
2014-09-02 Daniel Kahn... Add a File/Close option to the card manager.
2014-09-01 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-09-01 Werner KochRelease 0.9.5. gpa-0.9.5
2014-07-01 Zdeněk Hatašpo: Update Czech translation
2014-07-01 Werner KochFix warnings if build without card manager support
2014-07-01 Werner KochAdd option --verbose and silence some diagnostics.
2014-06-26 Werner KochUse the gpgme spawn protocol to backup a key.
2014-06-26 Werner KochMake sure that a new secret key is shown without a...
2014-05-14 Werner KochLet OpenPGP specific commands only use OpenPGP keys.
2014-05-14 Werner Kochw32: Fix directory separator in backup dialog.
2014-05-14 Werner KochAdd command line option --stop-server.
2014-05-14 Werner KochFix regression in edit dialogs due to new status lines.