descriptionThe GNU Privacy Assistant
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last changeTue, 5 Jun 2018 18:17:18 +0000 (20:17 +0200)
2018-06-05 Werner KochSimplify a xmalloc+snprintf use. master
2018-06-05 IneievUnescape description texts.
2018-06-05 IneievFix percent unescaping.
2018-06-05 IneievEliminate arbitrary length limit on labels.
2018-04-16 Werner KochAdd a User ID notebook page.
2018-04-16 Damien Goutte... Load the secret keyring before the public one.
2017-09-13 Werner KochUse the new gpgme_op_interact interface.
2017-09-13 Werner KochFix listing of algorithm/keysize in the subkey window.
2017-07-13 Zdeněk Hatašpo: czech translation update
2017-05-14 Andre HeineckeFix crash on filename conversion error
2017-04-13 Andre Heineckew32: Make location of locale dir more flexible
2017-02-24 Werner KochChange license of card application modules to LGPLv3...
2017-02-09 Werner KochAdd mimetimes to gpa.desktop
2016-12-01 Werner KochTypo fix in NEWS
2016-12-01 Zdeněk Hatašpo: czech translation update
2016-11-29 Andreas RönnquistFix typo.
22 months ago gpa-0.9.10 Time for a new release
3 years ago gpa-0.9.9 You shall never use unreleased...
3 years ago gpa-0.9.8 Bug fixes
3 years ago gpa-0.9.7 Support sending keys using gnupg 2.1
3 years ago gpa-0.9.6 Support for GnuPG 2.1
4 years ago gpa-0.9.5 time for a new release
5 years ago gpa-0.9.4 A May 1st release.
6 years ago gpa-0.9.3
6 years ago gpa-0.9.2 Released version 0.9.2.
9 years ago gpa-0.9.0 Release
11 years ago gpa-0.7.6 Released.
11 years ago gpa-0.7.5 Tagged release
12 years ago gpa-0.7.4 New release
12 years ago gpa-0.7.3 Released
12 years ago gpa-0.7.2 Tag release 0.7.2.
12 years ago gpa-0.7.1 new release
3 months ago master
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