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2010-03-08 Emanuel SchuetzeTypo
2010-03-08 Bernhard ReiterFixed download text to say "second", for the rc2.
2010-03-05 Werner KochUpdated the website
2010-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.0.2rc1
2010-02-03 Werner KochAdd missing files.
2010-02-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated
2010-02-02 Werner KochAutomagically add a BETA warning if the version number...
2010-02-01 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated uninstall image
2010-01-21 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/reporting-bugs-de.htm4, website/reporting-bugs...
2009-09-29 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 announcement.
2009-09-29 Emanuel SchuetzeSome changes for 2.0.1.
2009-09-28 Werner KochAdd more README files.
2009-09-14 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged appendix chapter numbering for hyperlatex after...
2009-09-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded glossary and legend.
2009-09-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded comment about AES and OL.
2009-09-10 Bernhard Reiterdownload: Moved 2.0.1rc1 to the top. Added sha1sum...
2009-09-10 Bernhard Reiter* website/index.htm4, website/index-de.htm4: Added...
2009-09-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kleopatra link.
2009-09-01 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 rc1 announcement.
2009-08-31 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded 2.0.1 RC1 download section.
2009-08-31 Emanuel SchuetzeFormatting. Added new screenshot.
2009-08-19 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded English README file for other supported installer...
2009-08-19 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded smart card hints in README. Added HTML compendium...
2009-08-18 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded README links. Update screenshot.
2009-08-17 Emanuel SchuetzeMinor changes.
2009-08-17 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-14 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed many typos.
2009-08-14 Emanuel SchuetzeMissing Changelog
2009-08-13 Emanuel SchuetzeDisabled support form.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded md5 comment. Fix compendium link.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed compendium HTML link.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded English press release. Fix typo.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/community.htm4: Fixed some wording.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/download.htm4: Fixed some wording.
2009-08-12 Bernhard Reiterwebsite/about.htm4: Improved the about text.
2009-08-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated typo. Added screenshots.
2009-08-12 Werner KochFix formatting of the ChangeLog. Folks, please read...
2009-08-12 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated and added pages for 2.0.0 release (English...
2009-08-11 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.0.0 (German pages almost ready)
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeFirst preparation for 2.0.0
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated screenshots. Fixed TODOs of tex file.
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeSome minor changes.
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated install options.
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated Readme files
2009-08-07 Werner KochUdpate manual.
2009-08-07 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated for 2.0.0 release.
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged html file name and pdf download link.
2009-08-07 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated compendium and screenshots for new compendium...
2009-08-06 Werner KochUpdate the README and NEWS files.
2009-07-27 Werner KochExplain "Free Software"
2009-07-09 Emanuel Schuetzefixed typos
2009-06-26 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated compendium html version (link and file names)
2009-06-24 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated to 2.0.0rc1 and compendium-3.0.0beta2
2009-06-24 Emanuel Schuetzescreenshots updated and minor changes.
2009-06-20 Emanuel Schuetzeupdated screenshots
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzefixed hyperlatex 2.9 problem
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzefix hyperlatex problem and finished2 screenshot
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzefixed removed sc-inst-finished2.png
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzechanged manualinprogress, fix deleted screenshot
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzescreenshots updated, added, removed
2009-06-19 Emanuel Schuetzesome minor changes
2009-05-14 Emanuel Schuetzeupdate to 1.9.16
2009-05-14 Emanuel Schuetzeupdate to 1.9.16
2009-03-25 Emanuel Schuetzeupdate to 1.9.15
2009-03-25 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.15
2009-03-25 Werner KochPreparing a release. gpg4win-1.9.15
2009-03-17 Emanuel SchuetzeSome minor changes
2009-03-03 Emanuel SchuetzeTypo
2009-03-03 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to 1.9.14
2009-03-03 Emanuel Schuetzeminor changes for update to 1.9.14
2009-03-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to 1.9.14
2009-03-02 Emanuel Schuetzesome minor changes in part one
2009-02-10 Jan-Oliver Wagner* website/template_link_boxes_en.m4, website/template_l...
2009-01-19 Emanuel SchuetzeChange Email command inside of textsc command (because...
2008-12-19 Emanuel SchuetzeMany minor changes in all chapters
2008-12-17 Emanuel SchuetzeMany minor changes in all chapters
2008-12-12 Emanuel Schuetzesome minor changes in all chapters
2008-12-10 Emanuel SchuetzeSome minor changes in part two
2008-12-05 Emanuel SchuetzeSome minor changes
2008-12-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.13
2008-12-01 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.13
2008-11-27 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded and updated some sections in chapter 22. Added...
2008-11-25 Emanuel SchuetzeSome minor changes in chapter 22
2008-11-19 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.12
2008-11-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded compendium html link. Changed xnames of parts...
2008-11-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.11
2008-11-12 Emanuel SchuetzeModify section numbering of appendix D and E. Add manua...
2008-11-12 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated to 1.9.11.
2008-11-10 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate some sections in chapter 21, appendix D and E.
2008-10-29 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.9
2008-10-29 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged date of 1.9.9.
2008-10-28 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate to 1.9.9
2008-10-27 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged logo and page numbers. Moved first chapter...
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed a typo.
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdate website:
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzeAdd compendium pdf link to html version. gpg4win-compendium-de-3.0.0-beta1
2008-10-22 Emanuel SchuetzePreparations for compendium 3.0.0-beta1 release.
2008-10-21 Emanuel SchuetzeFix missing ini settings.
2008-10-21 Marcus Brinkmann2008-10-21 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.com>