Add repacked kleopatra.
[gpg4win.git] / po / ru.po
2013-07-12 Werner KochAuto update the po files.
2012-12-06 Werner KochRemove line numbers from po files.
2012-05-04 Emanuel SchuetzeMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-05-02 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-05-02 Werner KochFix spelling error on the installer frontpage.
2012-04-02 Werner KochGit triggered po file mangling
2012-03-26 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-03-26 Werner KochChanges to support GIT.
2011-01-27 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated po files.
2010-11-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated translations.
2010-09-01 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated.
2010-04-16 Werner KochInstall sha1sum et al.
2010-03-05 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate gpg4win-2.0.2rc2
2010-02-03 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate
2010-02-01 Emanuel SchuetzeAbridge T_GPLHeader to display bigger header image.
2010-01-12 Werner KochFix some checksums
2009-09-28 Werner KochAdd more README files.
2009-08-07 Werner KochUdpate manual.
2009-06-20 Werner KochFix vesioninfo.txt formatting.
2009-03-24 Werner KochNo way to build it due to problems with the compendium.
2009-03-19 Emanuel SchuetzeChange English T_AboutGpg4win text.
2008-11-18 Werner KochGetting closer to a release. gpg4win-1.9.12
2008-11-12 Werner KochAdd option --enable-fast-makensis.
2008-11-11 Werner KochPreparing a release. gpg4win-1.9.11
2008-10-29 Werner KochRepeat the release of 1.9.9 wit an updated gnupg
2008-10-27 Werner KochLatest changes. Buils and work for me as long as all...
2008-10-27 Werner KochUpdated Kleopatra.
2008-10-24 Werner KochNeed to remove inst-opencdk.nsi from Makefile.
2008-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann2008-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-09-30 Werner KochFix Scute installation
2008-09-03 Werner KochInstalled the new compendium.
2008-08-11 Werner KochLast minute fix. gpg4win-1.9.6
2008-06-05 Werner KochEntirely removed GnuPG-1 and GPGex.
2008-05-28 Werner KochUpdate Keleopatra installer menu description.
2008-05-25 Werner KochUpdate libassuan
2008-05-09 Werner KochPackage uopdates - no test build yet done.
2008-05-08 Werner KochPrepare for newer GPAs.
2008-04-22 Werner KochMinor changes to the BETA warning.
2008-04-22 Werner KochAdd Beta warning
2008-03-25 Werner KochWrite the language code into the Registry.
2008-03-21 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate.
2008-03-21 Marcus BrinkmannFix line numbers.
2008-03-20 Marcus Brinkmann2008-03-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-03-17 Marcus Brinkmann(no commit message)
2008-03-11 Werner KochUpdate gpgol and msgmerged the po files.
2008-03-10 Marcus Brinkmann2008-03-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>