MSI: Fix possible use of unintialized variable
[gpg4win.git] / src / uninst-gpgme.nsi
2018-09-12 Andre HeineckeRegister gpgme-browser integration also for 64bit
2018-07-02 Andre HeineckeMake it optional to install native-messaging
2018-06-19 Andre HeineckeInstall gpgme-json
2016-11-15 Andre HeineckeEnable cpp and qt bindings for gpgme
2016-04-05 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'gpg4win-2'
2016-04-05 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'gpg4win-2'
2016-02-04 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into kleo-kf5
2016-01-08 Andre HeineckeInstall binaries into bin subfolder
2013-07-03 Werner KochAdd lots or /REBOOTOK for better uninstaller experience.
2013-05-13 Werner KochAdd leftover files to the uninstaller.
2012-12-05 Werner KochInstall development files for the GnuPG related libraries.
2008-07-22 Marcus Brinkmann2008-07-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@ulysses.g10code...
2008-06-25 Marcus Brinkmann2008-06-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-09-07 Marcus Brinkmann2007-09-07 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-11-17 Marcus Brinkmann2005-11-17 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-22 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-22 Marcus Brinkmann <>