web: Add 3.1.3-beta20
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2018-07-24 Andre Heineckeweb: Add 3.1.3-beta20
2018-07-06 Andre Heineckeweb: Change a sponsor name on request
2018-07-05 Andre Heineckeweb: make note of a mkportable problem
2018-07-04 Andre HeineckeUpdate sponsors for first half of 2018
2018-06-27 Andre HeineckeWeb: Remove 3.1.0 mkportable note and note GPA
2018-06-17 Andre Heineckeweb: Link announcements for 3.1.2
2018-06-17 Andre Heineckeweb: Update for Gpg4win-3.1.2
2018-06-07 Andre HeineckeWeb: Add german privacy policy
2018-05-31 Andre HeineckeAdd gpg4win-professional key to WKD
2018-05-23 Andre Heineckeefail: minor formatting improvement and typo fix
2018-05-22 Bernhard Reiterweb: improves statement-efail (minor) 3 typos.
2018-05-18 Andre Heineckeweb: Minor typo fix
2018-05-18 Andre Heineckeweb: Fix link to BSI page in efail statement
2018-05-17 Andre Heineckeweb: Minor style improvement
2018-05-17 Andre Heineckeweb: Fix efail statement news dates
2018-05-17 Andre Heineckeweb: Add statement about efail
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeRelease Gpg4win 3.1.1
2018-04-25 Andre Heineckeweb: Link to reporting bugs page on community
2018-04-16 Andre HeineckeAdd note about missing mkportable file
2018-04-13 Andre HeineckeLink 3.1.0 release announcement mails
2018-04-13 Andre HeineckeUpdate website for 3.1.0
2018-04-05 Andre Heineckeweb: Update beta link to beta48
2018-04-03 Andre Heineckeupdate compendium version
2018-03-29 Andre HeineckeUpdate beta
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate beta
2018-03-19 Andre HeineckeFix accidental german sentence on english page
2018-03-16 Andre HeineckeRemove flattr button for now
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeRemove 3.1. note of avoiding freezes
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate beta to new build
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeAdd update note to download page
2018-03-12 Andre HeineckeFix offset for news with beta button
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate reporting-bugs information
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeMinor improvement to 3.1 page
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeImprove beta page
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeAdd version 3.1 whats new and beta download
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeFix german about page
2018-03-01 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated compendium versions.
2018-02-12 Bernhard Reiterweb: improves package-integrity page.
2018-02-12 Bernhard ReiterWeb: Adds hint about PGP-2 keys to version3 news.
2018-01-29 Bernhard Reiterweb: Cleanup: Removes deactivated sections.
2018-01-29 Bernhard Reiterweb: updates some links to https
2018-01-29 Bernhard Reiterweb: improves news links to 3.0.3
2018-01-25 Emanuel SchuetzeWeb: Updated GnuPG and GPA version.
2018-01-17 Andre HeineckeConvert task numbers into dev.gnupg.links
2018-01-12 Bernhard ReiterFixes build-history.awk's version number output.
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeFix news date
2018-01-12 Andre Heineckeweb: Update for 3.0.3
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeGpg4win 3.0.2 release
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeAdd swdb to mk-checksums
2017-11-28 Jochen Saalfeldfixing versions of included packages
2017-11-28 Jochen Saalfeldupdating the dontation dates
2017-11-28 Jochen Saalfeldupdating list of Sponsors
2017-11-23 Andre Heineckeweb: Fix sha1sums and gpgol version
2017-11-21 Jochen Saalfeldupdating to version 3.0.1
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterSystem Requirements: limits Exchange versions.
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterFixes typo 'Vorraussetzung'
2017-10-09 Bernhard ReiterAdds hints that we aim for VS-NfD.
2017-10-09 Bernhard ReiterMerge branch 'website' of git+ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-10-02 Jochen Saalfeldredirecting to a useful site on how to check integrity
2017-09-25 Bernhard ReiterSystem-requirements: improves.
2017-09-21 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website' of ssh://playfair.gnupg.org...
2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldlink to the same details picture as in german version
2017-09-21 Emanuel SchuetzeMerge branch 'website' of git+ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-09-21 Emanuel SchuetzeUse new 'next steps' section in thanks pages.
2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldsync NEWS.last with NEWS from gpg4win master
2017-09-21 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed layout of package-integrity page.
2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldbeautify second paragraph to crypto-engine in version3-de
2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldsync NEWS with gpg4win repository
2017-09-20 Jochen SaalfeldRedirecting Compendium link to documentation{-de}.html
2017-09-20 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadding changes to version 3
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzePrepare 3.0.0 release.
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadding link to press release
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldremoving last traces of vanilla and light version
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversions: improves description.
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversion3: Improves descriptions.
2017-09-20 Bernhard Reiterversion3: improves towards the user perspective
2017-09-20 Bernhard ReiterVersion3: Improves headline.
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated version3 page
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldchanges on some screenshots
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of git+ssh://playfair...
2017-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated version3 page.
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldrework logos and the embedding of them
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldfixing some displaying issues on support pages
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldusing the right release-date
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldbumping downloads to version 3
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldadded german translation of version 3
2017-09-18 Jochen Saalfeldremove privacy policy
2017-09-18 Jochen Saalfeldadding logos, adding them in "about"
2017-09-18 Jochen SaalfeldMerge branch 'website-3-dev' of ssh://playfair.gnupg...
2017-09-18 Jochen SaalfeldUpdating the Screenshots
2017-09-15 Bernhard Reiterversion3: fixes typo.
2017-09-15 Bernhard ReiterImages: Adds sources for new imgs.
2017-09-15 Jochen Saalfeldfixing headlines
2017-09-15 Jochen Saalfeldfixing display of "Documentation"
2017-09-11 Jochen Saalfeldreformat version3
2017-09-11 Jochen Saalfeldadding new pages and fill them with a bit of life
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldslight restructure of support pages
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldslight restructure of support pages
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldadding new mini-download button