2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs for todays release gpg4win-3.1.2
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeUpdate gnupg-w32 to latest package
2018-06-17 Andre Heineckedoc: Update with Outlook 2003/2007 removal
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeInstall additionally required icon
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol
2018-06-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo kleopatra and kde-l10n
2018-06-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgme and gnupg for testing
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckepo: Update after typo fixes
2018-05-24 Erwin BronkhorstAdd Dutch translation
2018-05-09 Andre Heineckedoc: Fix claws mentions and supported ini entries
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release gpg4win-3.1.1
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeAdd helper script to update packages
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2018-05-03 Andre HeineckeFix mingw package name in README for stretch
2018-04-30 Andre HeineckeAdd patch for GpgOL to better open conf
2018-04-27 Andre HeineckeAdd resiliency patch to gpgol
2018-04-27 Andre HeineckeMinor NEWS improvements
2018-04-25 Andre HeineckeSome more NEWS improvements
2018-04-25 Andre HeineckeNews for 3.1.1 rectified
2018-04-25 Andre HeineckeFix some fuzzy german translations
2018-04-24 Andre HeineckePrepare NEWS for 3.1.1
2018-04-24 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2018-04-20 Andre HeineckeRemove unnecessary empty flags in vsnfd profile
2018-04-16 Andre HeineckeAdd libkf5crash to mkportable
2018-04-13 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-04-13 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release gpg4win-3.1.0
2018-04-13 Andre HeineckeAdd patch to fix libgpg-error build
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgme to latest master
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeSwitch gpgol to released 2.1.0
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeAdd Kcrash as a new package
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate master packages to latest snapshots
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate gnupg, libgpg-error, libkleo
2018-04-10 Andre HeineckeUse released gpgex 1.0.6 version
2018-04-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate GpgOL and Libkleo
2018-04-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol, gpgme and kleopatra to latest
2018-04-04 Andre HeineckeAdd distribution and compiler version to about
2018-04-04 Andre HeineckeAdd minor changed version to compendium
2018-04-03 Andre Heineckedoc: Document setup of netkey cards
2018-03-29 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgex
2018-03-29 Andre HeineckeUpdate Packages
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate requirements in README
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMES
2018-03-21 Andre HeineckeUpdate beta packages
2018-03-16 Andre HeineckeInstall another icon for Kleopatra
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeKill it with fire
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix quoting error in german localisation
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix libgpg-error patch access rights
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate master packages to lastest snapshots
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate libgpg-error to 1.28
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate translations
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeAdd update note to welcome page
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeMinor spelling fixes in english installer strings
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix About_Gpg4win Syntax
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix spelling in first sentence of first page
2018-03-12 Olf0NEWS for 3.1 rectified
2018-03-08 Andre HeineckeKill gpgme-w32spawn.exe on update
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeInstall icon for notepad
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to latest master
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate some master package versions
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeAdd emblem-unavailable icon for keyresolver
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate GpgOL
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeNote that we now use stretch and not jessie
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.5
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeAdd new icons for keyresolver
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeInstall gpg4win-tools overlayer.exe
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and GpgOL
2018-03-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeFix qt standardpaths on UNC paths
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeFix install problems after update
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE Software to latest stable
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpg4win-tools
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeUpdate Qt to 5.10.1
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeAdd gpg4win-tools package
2018-02-09 Andre HeineckeWrite GPGSM compliance mode in profile script
2018-02-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo to latest master
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo tarball
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs gpg4win-3.0.3
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and GpgOL
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePotential fixes for directory race conds
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeDelete obsolete gpgol patch
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix source uninstaller
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix kleo patch
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to latest beta
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.4
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo and kleopatra
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeSwitch gpgme to released 1.10 version
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd update handling to installer and uninstaller
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd more aliases for README in other langs
2018-01-10 Jochen Saalfeldminor stylistic imporovements
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeMark releasedate in NEWS gpg4win-3.0.2