2012-04-18 Werner KochReplace README.SVN by README.GIT
2012-04-18 Werner KochMore automagic for the README files.
2012-04-17 Werner Kochgtk+: Update to 2.24.10.
2012-04-17 Werner Add check for zero length downloads.
2012-04-17 Werner Kochgtk+: Build from source.
2012-04-17 Werner Kochclaws: Remove use of private glib header file.
2012-04-02 Werner KochIgnore more files.
2012-04-02 Werner KochFix distribution of the two HOWTO files.
2012-04-02 Werner KochRemove obsolete distcheck options.
2012-04-02 Werner KochGit triggered po file mangling
2012-04-02 Werner KochRemove targets overriding automake default.
2012-04-02 Werner KochAdd emacs magic to set created files to read-only.
2012-04-02 Werner KochAdd a fallback version for gitlog-to-changelog.
2012-04-02 Werner KochDo not build HTML versions of the compendium by default.
2012-03-28 Werner KochIgnore final installer files.
2012-03-28 Werner KochAdjust generic GnuPG patch for 2.0.19.
2012-03-28 Werner KochRemove obsolete configure option in
2012-03-28 Werner KochUpdate GnuPG and some libraries.
2012-03-28 Werner KochLegacy IP support for
2012-03-27 Werner KochIgnore more files
2012-03-27 Werner KochBuild a gnupg-only installer in addition to the standar...
2012-03-27 Werner KochIgnore the old packages sig file and the playground...
2012-03-27 Werner KochIgnore the old packages sig file
2012-03-26 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2012-03-26 Werner KochForce using ustar format.
2012-03-26 Werner KochChanges to support GIT.
2012-03-12 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2012-03-11 Colin Leroy2012-03-11 Colin Leroy <>
2012-03-05 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed download link of light version. Minor CSS updates.
2012-02-29 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2012-02-28 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2012-02-27 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged official download url from
2012-02-27 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new Sponsor.
2012-01-04 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded and updated authors.
2012-01-04 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged COMPENDIUMINPROGRESS date.
2012-01-04 Emanuel SchuetzeCompendium: Changed new RFC for OpenPGP (4880 instead...
2012-01-02 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-12-28 Colin Leroy2011-12-28 Colin Leroy <>
2011-10-31 Werner is down - redirect everything to heanet.
2011-10-18 Emanuel SchuetzeRemoved windows 2000 from compatibility list (see gpg4w...
2011-10-10 Werner KochMade the light download link more visible.
2011-10-04 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-09-20 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor. Added missing page title.
2011-07-20 Emanuel SchuetzeShow English README and HOWTO-SMIME for new installer...
2011-07-20 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded (empty) README files for new installer languages.
2011-07-20 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new it.po fle.
2011-07-18 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded link to GPGTools.
2011-07-11 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-07-07 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed svn checkout url.
2011-06-28 Emanuel SchuetzeMinor English improvement.
2011-06-21 Emanuel SchuetzeShow English HOWTO-SMIME for all non-German languages.
2011-06-21 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new cz.po file.
2011-06-14 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-06-07 Colin Leroy2011-06-07 Colin Leroy <>
2011-05-18 Emanuel SchuetzeFix typo.
2011-05-18 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typos and translations issues.
2011-05-02 Colin Leroy2011-05-02 Colin Leroy <>
2011-04-27 Colin Leroy2011-04-27 Colin Leroy <>
2011-04-09 Colin Leroy2011-04-09 Colin Leroy <>
2011-04-01 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-03-25 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor. Added new paypal parameters.
2011-03-22 Emanuel SchuetzeMinor layout and typo fixes.
2011-03-22 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded custom 404 page.
2011-03-22 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-03-21 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated links.
2011-03-18 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typo and layout issues.
2011-03-17 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typos.
2011-03-16 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed German typos and other minor changes.
2011-03-16 Emanuel Schuetzefixed news link.
2011-03-16 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed English typos. Added missing background image...
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typos. Added link.
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded an updated gpg4win logo (used on website).
2011-03-15 Emanuel Schuetzefixed DOCTYP
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded Germen press release.
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeMinor changes. Typo. Missing image.
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeBuild fixes.
2011-03-15 Emanuel SchuetzeRedesigned website and updated for gpg4win 2.1.0 release.
2011-03-07 Emanuel SchuetzeChanged to next release number.
2011-03-04 Colin Leroy2011-03-04 Colin Leroy <>
2011-03-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated Claws version number. gpg4win-2.1.0
2011-03-02 Emanuel SchuetzePrepared 2.1.0 release.
2011-03-02 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.1.0 release.
2011-02-07 Emanuel SchuetzeAdded new sponsor.
2011-02-04 Colin Leroy2011-02-04 Colin Leroy <>
2011-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.1.0-rc2.
2011-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kleopatra version number. gpg4win-2.1.0-rc2
2011-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzePrepared release 2.1.0-rc2
2011-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated kleopatra and kdelibs.
2011-02-04 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated for 2.1.0-rc2
2011-02-03 Marcus Brinkmann2011-02-03 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2011-02-02 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate libassuan and gpgme.
2011-02-01 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed wrong desktop/startmenu shortcut installation...
2011-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann2011-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2011-01-27 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated po files.
2011-01-27 Emanuel SchuetzeEnable svn-label until release is ready.
2011-01-27 Emanuel SchuetzePrepared release 2.1.0.rc2
2011-01-27 Emanuel SchuetzeUpdated French po file by Nicochto.
2011-01-26 Werner KochFix for plugable reader-card combos
2011-01-24 Werner KochMake allow-mark-trusted the default. Add relax flag.