core: Fix possible compliance mode detection error.
[gpgme.git] / AUTHORS
2017-12-12 Werner KochRelease 1.10.0. gpgme-1.10.0
2017-12-03 Werner KochRegister DCO for Tobias Mueller
2017-10-04 Werner KochRegister DCO for Colin Watson.
2017-07-12 Werner Kochdoc: Add list of copyright olders to AUTHORS.
2016-09-21 Werner KochRelease 1.7.0 gpgme-1.7.0
2016-05-10 Justus WinterMerge branch 'master' into justus/pyme3
2015-06-08 Werner KochRelease 1.5.5 gpgme-1.5.5
2014-09-24 Werner KochRegister DCO for Daniel Kahn Gillmor.
2014-09-24 Werner KochAdd ftp and git URLs to AUTHORS.
2013-02-26 Werner KochRelease 1.4.0. gpgme-1.4.0
2012-10-11 Werner Kochgpgme-tool: Change license from LPGLv2+ to GPLv3+
2012-09-25 Werner KochDocument contribution rules.
2008-06-19 Werner KochAdd new types to the gpgconf interface.
2007-11-22 Werner KochNew API gpgme_op_getauditlog.
2002-11-28 Marcus BrinkmannFix spelling of my name.
2002-07-02 Werner Koch* Bumbed version number to 0.3.9; add...
2001-08-28 Werner KochTypo fixes and new gpgme_get_op_info
2001-06-12 Werner KochReady to release 0.2.2 gpgme-0-2-2
2001-04-02 Werner KochRelease 0.2.1 gpgme-0-2-1
2001-01-30 Werner KochLookup the path in the Registry
2000-10-27 Werner KochStarting project 'GnuPG Made Easy'