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[gpgme.git] / THANKS
2016-09-23 Daniel Kahn Gillmormove some file encodings to UTF-8
2012-07-28 Marcus BrinkmannAdd two recent contributors.
2011-02-02 Marcus BrinkmannMerge commit 'a2b9adafe46c55a2c26dd46163055bbdf3526835'
2010-11-04 Werner KochMore changes for W32CE with MSC.
2008-09-23 Marcus Brinkmann2008-09-23 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.com>
2005-04-14 Marcus BrinkmannAdd Igor Belyi <gpgme@katehok.ac93.org>.
2004-12-07 Marcus BrinkmannAdd Noel Torres <envite@rolamasao.org>.
2004-04-29 Marcus BrinkmannAdd Albrecht Dre� <albrecht.dress@arcor.de>, because...
2004-02-15 Werner Koch(memrchr): Fixed implementation. Problem pointed out
2003-05-26 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate Miguel's email address.
2002-11-21 Marcus BrinkmannAdd Miguel Coca <e970095@zipi.fi.upm.es>.
2002-03-10 Werner KochMinor doc fixes
2001-10-15 Werner KochNew API to switch to S/MIME. There is no code yet...
2001-09-17 Werner Kochoops - have to thank someone else