docs: python bindings installation
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2018-09-27 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings installation
2018-09-27 Ben McGinnestests: python bindings
2018-09-26 Ben McGinnesexamples: python bindings
2018-09-25 Ben McGinnesdocs: a typographical two-step
2018-09-24 Ben McGinnesdocs and examples: python bindings
2018-09-24 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-23 Ben McGinnesdocs and examples: python bindings howto
2018-09-23 Ben McGinnesexamples: python bindings and hkp4py updates
2018-09-22 Ben McGinnespython bindings: importing from keyservers with hkp4py
2018-09-22 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Fix a couple of syntax errors.
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Silence a few warnings.
2018-09-20 Maximilian Krambachjs: renamed keygen algo option
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Fix regression in the test suite.
2018-09-20 Werner Kochtests: Don't try using keys from a scmartcard.
2018-09-20 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings and its special request
2018-09-19 Maximilian Krambachjs: add 'default-future' as createKey option
2018-09-19 Werner Kochjson: Remove subkey-algo from createkey command.
2018-09-19 Maximilian Krambachjs: add configuration option on startup
2018-09-17 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-09-17 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: cython sanitized
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: even more edits
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: more edits
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: whitespace culled
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: renaming and drafts
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: Python howto update
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython bindings: docs
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython bindings: examples
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython examples: backwards compatibility
2018-09-10 Thomas Oberndörferjs: Fix errorDetails of GPGME_Signature
2018-09-06 Maximilian Krambachjs: add new documentation file to extra_dist
2018-09-06 Maximilian Krambachjs: fix error in toKeyIdArray
2018-09-05 Maximilian Krambachjs: documentation cleanup
2018-08-31 Maximilian Krambachjs: key deletion after test
2018-08-31 Maximilian Krambachjs: cleanup after key import test
2018-08-31 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-08-30 Maximilian Krambachjs: tests for file name encoding
2018-08-30 Maximilian Krambachjs: decoding of information
2018-08-30 Maximilian Krambachjs: add tests
2018-08-30 Maximilian Krambachjs: add encoding parameter for encrypt return
2018-08-30 Maximilian Krambachjs: separate gpgme answer by type of data
2018-08-30 Ben McGinnespython bindings: estreams fix ben/estreams-fix
2018-08-29 Maximilian Krambachjs: return base64 after encrypt with armor=false
2018-08-29 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core
2018-08-29 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core
2018-08-29 Ben McGinnespython bindings: core
2018-08-29 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings - protonmail examples
2018-08-28 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-08-28 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings HOWTO
2018-08-28 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-08-28 Ben McGinnesdocs: python howto
2018-08-27 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-08-27 Maximilian Krambachjs: small documentation update
2018-08-27 Maximilian Krambachjs: make non-payload data more encoding-tolerant
2018-08-27 Maximilian Krambachjs: typecheck destructured parameters
2018-08-27 Maximilian Krambachjs: extend information on decoding in decrypt
2018-08-27 Maximilian Krambachjs: fix file_name return on decrypt
2018-08-24 Maximilian Krambachjs: add new options to permittedOperations
2018-08-23 Maximilian Krambachjs: fix syntax inside Keyring methods
2018-08-23 Maximilian Krambachjs: offer an always-trust parameter on encrypt
2018-08-23 Maximilian Krambachjs: use destructured option parameters
2018-08-23 Maximilian Krambachjs: update getDefaultKey to more precise logic
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: add decrypt result options
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: make method parameters objects
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: improve decryption performance
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: Return error if signature has no fingerprint
2018-08-22 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'javascript-binding'
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: changed verify signature result infos javascript-binding
2018-08-22 Maximilian Krambachjs: throw errors in sync functions
2018-08-21 Maximilian Krambachjs: update decrypt/verify results
2018-08-21 Maximilian Krambachjs: remove outdated checklists
2018-08-21 Andre Heineckejs: Fix library name mentioned in js Makefiles
2018-08-21 Andre Heineckejs: Update extra_dist files
2018-08-21 Andre Heineckejs: Improve README
2018-08-21 Maximilian Krambachjs: set expiry of generatedKey to seconds from now
2018-08-20 Maximilian Krambachjs: add option "subkey-algo" to generateKey
2018-08-20 Maximilian Krambachjs: set expiry date on generateKey
2018-08-20 Maximilian Krambachjs: add and apply eslint rules
2018-08-20 Maximilian Krambachjs: revert changes to class read/write restriction
2018-08-19 Ben McGinnesPython bindings examples
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings setup file
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings tests: Near PEP8 compliance
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings examples: PEP8 conpliance
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings setup: Near PEP8 compliance
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings constants: PEP8 compliance (almost)
2018-08-18 Ben McGinnesPython bindings src: PEP8 compliance
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: decode arriving gpg message strings
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: correct decrypt result info (2)
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: expect additional 'info' to arrive on decrypt, too
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: decrypt callback is_mime fix
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: don't expire new keys if no date is set
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: small documentation fix
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: removed Key.armor property in synchronous use
2018-08-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: disallow bulk set data on key from outside
2018-08-16 Maximilian Krambachjs: importKey feedback refactor
2018-08-16 Maximilian Krambachjs: fix import feedback
2018-08-16 Maximilian Krambachjs: avoid async getters
2018-08-16 Maximilian Krambachjs: wrong object assumed in recent commit