tests: Fix trivial memory leaks.
[gpgme.git] / tests / gpgsm /
2016-06-27 Justus Wintertests: Fix trivial memory leaks.
2016-05-10 Justus WinterMerge branch 'master' into justus/pyme3
2015-06-08 Werner KochFix test suite for GnuPG 2.1 which uses pubring.kbx.
2015-01-30 Werner KochSwitch to automake 1.14 and update build-aux files.
2014-09-24 Werner Kochtests: Delay some test file extraction until "make...
2013-12-27 Werner KochLocate engine names only at runtime and prefer GnuPG-2.
2013-08-19 Werner Kochtests: Fix NULL ptr deref in gpgsm/t-verify.
2013-05-22 Werner Kochtests: Print auditlog in plain text format.
2012-04-20 W. Trevor King.gitignore: flesh out rules and add subdirectory-.gitig...
2012-02-08 Marcus BrinkmannUse gpgme interface for error handling to avoid linking...
2011-05-11 Marcus BrinkmannClean up the tests correctly.
2009-06-22 Marcus Brinkmann2009-06-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-12-03 Marcus Brinkmann2008-12-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-11-18 Werner KochFix SIGPIPE ignoring regression.
2008-11-03 Marcus Brinkmann008-11-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.com>
2008-10-30 Werner Kochuse validated mode.
2008-10-30 Werner Kochnew debug helper program
2008-01-04 Marcus Brinkmann2008-01-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-11-26 Werner KochMade autolog feature for if --enable-fd-passing has...
2007-11-23 Marcus Brinkmann2007-11-23 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-11-23 Werner KochMake getauditlog work. For now only when configured...
2007-11-22 Werner KochNew API gpgme_op_getauditlog.
2007-09-13 Marcus Brinkmann2007-09-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann2007-07-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-07-12 Werner KochChanges for W32
2006-12-02 Marcus Brinkmann2006-12-02 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-12-20 Werner KochBasic PKA support.
2005-12-06 Werner Koch * Fixed a bug in that the fingerprints of subkeys...
2005-10-07 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-09-08 Marcus BrinkmannRestore the key files.
2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-08-17 Marcus Brinkmann2004-08-17 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-04-05 Werner Koch* gpgme.h: Add GPGME_STATUS_NEWSIG.
2004-03-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-03 Werner Koch* engine-gpgsm.c (gpgsm_export_ext): Properly insert...
2004-02-17 Werner Koch* gpgsm/t-import.c (check_result): gpgsm does now retur...
2003-11-19 Werner Koch* gpg/t-support.h (DIM): Added.
2003-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2003-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-09-14 Marcus Brinkmann2003-09-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-09-14 Marcus BrinkmannInclude "t-support.h".
2003-09-14 Marcus Brinkmann2003-09-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-09-02 Marcus Brinkmann2003-08-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-07-22 Marcus Brinkmann2003-07-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-06-06 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-06-05 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-05-29 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-05-28 Marcus Brinkmann2003-05-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann2003-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-05-04 Marcus Brinkmann2003-05-04 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-04-30 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-04-29 Marcus Brinkmann2003-04-29 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-04-28 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann2003-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-04-28 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-04-27 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2003-04-27 Marcus Brinkmann2003-04-27 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-04-25 Marcus Brinkmann2003-04-25 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2003-01-30 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2002-12-24 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2002-12-23 Marcus Brinkmann2002-12-23 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-10-09 Marcus Brinkmanngpgme/
2002-09-30 Werner Koch* gpgsm/t-keylist.c (doit): Add arg SECRET. gpgme-0-3-13 gpgme-0-3-14 gpgme-0-3-15 gpgme-0-3-16
2002-06-26 Werner Koch* gpgsm/t-import.c (print_op_info): New.
2002-06-25 Werner Koch* gpgsm/Makefile.am (DISTCLEANFILES): new. gpgme-0-3-8
2002-06-25 Marcus Brinkmann2002-06-25 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-06-20 Werner Koch* gpgsm/t-sign.c (main): Also test a normal signature.
2002-06-12 Werner Kochtests/
2002-06-11 Werner Koch* gpgme.h: Add GPGME_ATTR_SIG_SUMMARY and the GPGME_SIGSUM_
2002-06-04 Werner Koch* gpgsm/t-encrypt.c (main): Add a simple option parser...
2002-05-08 Marcus Brinkmann2002-05-08 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-04-04 Marcus Brinkmann2002-04-05 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code,de>
2002-04-04 Marcus Brinkmann2002-04-05 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-03-10 Werner Kochremoved all the .cvsignre files - they should be local
2002-02-13 Werner Koch* gpgsm/Makefile.am (private-keys-v1.d): Don't
2002-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann2002-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann2002-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2002-02-08 Marcus Brinkmann2002-02-08 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-19 Marcus BrinkmannRevert cruft from last check in.
2001-12-19 Werner Kochupdated .cvsignore files
2001-12-18 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-19 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-16 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-16 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-15 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-15 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-14 Marcus BrinkmannSmall code cleanup.
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmanngpgme/
2001-12-13 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-13 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2001-12-05 Marcus BrinkmannAdd .cvsignore files. Suggested by Jan-Oliver Wagner...
2001-11-22 Marcus Brinkmann2001-11-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>