Fix Mail::needs_crypto_m
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2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeNext version will be 2.3.0
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-06-17 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release gpgol-2.2.0
2018-05-17 Andre HeineckeRemove no MIME UI
2018-05-15 Erwin BronkhorstAdd Dutch translation
2018-04-24 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-04-12 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeBump Version to 2.1.0 and update NEWS
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-09-14 Andre HeineckePost release updates
2017-09-12 Andre HeineckePost release updates
2017-07-10 Andre HeineckeAdd handling for de-vs compliant results
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeNext version will be 2.0.0
2016-10-18 Andre HeineckeMove icons into subdir
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd parsertest for Linux
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeCheck for and depend on GpgMEpp
2016-08-22 Andre HeineckeBump required gpgme version to 1.7.0
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeEnable ASLR, DEP and Fortify Source
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix missing field initializers and enable warning
2016-03-30 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-03-04 Andre HeineckeChange upcoming version down to 1.4.0
2016-02-25 Andre HeineckeSearch for uiserver more agressively
2015-12-11 Andre HeineckeBump version to get 2.0 betas
2015-12-09 Andre HeineckeAdd option to use Gpg4win-3 registry keys
2015-11-27 Andre HeineckeGenerate libmapi32 for 64 bit systems corecctly
2015-11-24 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-10-23 Werner KochMove config files to build-aux and upodate
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeIncrease version to 1.3.0
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeMake mime-send UI support optional.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeEnable -Werror in maintainer-mode
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeDon't check for stpcpy.
2014-08-13 Werner KochPost release updates
2013-08-19 Werner KochPost release updates.
2013-08-19 Werner KochRelease 1.2.0. gpgol-1.2.0
2013-08-19 Werner KochMinor fixes for newer autoconfs.
2013-08-19 Werner KochUpdate auto version numbering to the modern scheme.
2013-04-29 Werner KochChanges to use the w64-mingw32 toolchain.
2011-12-27 Werner KochRelease version 1.1.3. gpgol-1.1.3
2011-12-27 Werner KochUse GIT commit ids instead of SVN revision numbers.
2010-07-21 Werner KochAdd Portuguese translation gpgol-1.1.2
2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2010-01-13 Werner KochPrepare a release gpgol-1.1.1
2010-01-05 Werner KochPreparing a release
2009-10-28 Werner KochA bunch of changes to support better looking icons.
2009-09-28 Werner Kochprepare 1.0.1 gpgol-1.0.1
2009-08-28 Werner KochNo -Wno-pointer-sign for C++
2009-08-28 Werner KochSender adress kludge for Exchane and Kleopatra.
2009-06-18 Werner KochAbout to release 1.0. gpgol-1.0.0
2009-02-27 Werner KochPreparing a release
2009-01-28 Werner KochFix for OL created S/MIME signed mails. gpgol-0.10.18
2008-11-26 Werner KochMinor GUI fixes.
2008-11-14 Werner KochMade crypto operations faster. gpgol-0.10.17
2008-11-11 Werner KochPreparing 0.10.16 release gpgol-0.10.16
2008-10-17 Werner Kochuse more gcc warnings.
2008-10-17 Werner KochFixed opaque signature verification.
2008-08-06 Werner Kochpreparing a release. gpgol-0.10.15
2008-08-04 Werner KochNew code to install forms so that appropriate icons...
2008-05-28 Werner KochAdd otpion to show encrypted messages as an attachment.
2008-05-28 Werner KochDo not sent a message if the backend did not sent any... gpgol-0.10.14
2008-05-06 Werner KochRemove debug stuff. gpgol-0.10.13
2008-04-16 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.12
2008-04-04 Werner KochFix sign+encr problem. gpgol-0.10.11
2008-04-02 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.10
2008-03-19 Werner KochImplemented opaque signed+encrypted. gpgol-0.10.9
2008-03-18 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.8
2008-03-11 Werner KochPreparing 0.10.7 gpgol-0.10.7
2008-03-11 Werner KochChanged the way sign+encrypt works.
2008-03-10 Werner KochPerformance fixes. gpgol-0.10.6
2008-03-07 Werner KochPrint a note after a software upgrade.
2008-02-26 Werner KochTweak for some opaque S/MIME messages.
2008-02-18 Werner KochFixed decryption of PGP inline encrypted messages.
2008-02-08 Werner KochVersion number update
2008-02-06 Werner KochPreparing for a new release. gpgol-0.10.4
2008-01-03 Werner KochMore debug messages.
2007-12-10 Werner KochPreapring a release gpgol-0.10.3
2007-11-12 Werner Kochs,OpenPGP,PGP/MIME,g gpgol-0.10.2
2007-11-12 Werner KochFixes.
2007-10-22 Werner KochCode cleanups. gpgol-0.10.1
2007-10-12 Werner KochRevamped the i18n support.
2007-10-11 Werner KochPreparing a test release. gpgol-0.10.0
2007-10-05 Werner KochStarted documentation.
2007-09-07 Werner KochThe new framework for creating messages is now in place.
2007-08-13 Marcus Brinkmann2007-08-13 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-08-06 Werner KochLots of changes to support S/MIME and to revamp most...
2006-10-13 Werner KochFixed a crash. gpgol-0.9.91
2006-08-28 Werner KochAbout to do a new release gpgol-0.9.90
2006-08-16 Timo Schulz(no commit message)
2006-04-25 Werner KochPreparing another release gpgol-0.9.10
2006-04-24 Werner Kochtried to fix other stuff without success. gpgol-0.9.9
2006-04-24 Werner KochPreparing a new release
2006-03-28 Werner KochPreparing for 0.9.8 gpgol-0.9.8
2006-03-27 Werner KochSupport verification of (some) PGP/MIME messages.
2006-03-21 Werner KochPreparing 0.9.7
2006-03-20 Werner KochAdditional test for old OL versions.
2006-01-26 Werner KochPreparing a new releases gpgol-0.9.6
2006-01-16 Werner KochFixed 2 usability bugs