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2015-09-10 Andre HeineckeFix doc build with texinfo 5.2
2014-08-13 Werner KochRelease 1.2.1 gpgol-1.2.1
2011-12-27 Werner KochUse GIT commit ids instead of SVN revision numbers.
2011-12-27 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2009-11-27 Werner KochIt seems that I solved the probelm with sending message...
2009-11-20 Werner KochSaved current experiments
2009-02-25 Werner KochSave cryto settings in a draft.
2008-07-30 Werner KochStarted with Revert code.
2008-06-27 Werner KochSave old message class.
2008-06-26 Werner KochMinor doc updates.
2008-06-12 Werner KochConvey from address to the UI-server.
2008-06-04 Werner KochMoved UI server protocol specs to the GPGME manual.
2008-05-06 Werner KochRemove debug stuff. gpgol-0.10.13
2008-04-02 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.10
2008-03-19 Werner KochImplemented opaque signed+encrypted. gpgol-0.10.9
2008-03-18 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.8
2008-03-07 Werner KochPrint a note after a software upgrade.
2008-03-06 Werner KochImplement signing with automatic protocol selection.
2008-02-26 Werner KochTweak for some opaque S/MIME messages.
2008-02-18 Werner KochFixed decryption of PGP inline encrypted messages.
2008-02-13 Werner KochTake care of other charsets than utf-8.
2008-02-08 Werner KochFiner grained debug control.
2008-01-09 Werner KochConcatenate body parts.
2008-01-04 Werner KochMade debugging configurable.
2007-12-10 Werner KochPreapring a release gpgol-0.10.3
2007-11-12 Werner KochFixes.
2007-10-22 Werner KochCode cleanups. gpgol-0.10.1
2007-10-11 Werner KochPreparing a test release. gpgol-0.10.0
2007-10-10 Werner KochFirst encryption using the new Assuan based engine...
2007-10-08 Werner KochAll 4 required UI server commands are now described.
2007-10-05 Werner KochStarted documentation.