Add minimalistic protected-headers support
[gpgol.git] / src / eventsink.h
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFurther simplyify log level values
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeDecorate eventsink with memdbg helpers
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeStart memdbg interface for COM ref counting
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeUnify Copyright header indentation
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeChange copyright from Intevation to BSI
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeUnify COM Release and add debugging
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeFix minor typo in eventsink debug
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix unused variable warnings
2015-09-28 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into mime-addin
2015-09-16 Andre HeineckeAdd framework for mime decrypt / verify
2015-09-10 Andre HeineckeDeclare destructors of COM objects as virtual
2009-11-27 Werner KochIt seems that I solved the probelm with sending message...
2009-11-03 Werner KochMore missing files.. :-(