Add signature info to verify category
[gpgol.git] / src / oomhelp.cpp
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeAdd signature info to verify category
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeMinor indentation fix
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFurther simplyify log level values
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeReduce tracing verbosity a bit
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'dutch-l10n/dutch'
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeAdd tracing support for important code
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeImprove debugging (e.g. by using pseudonyms)
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeReplace log_oom_extra with log_oom
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeStart simplification of log categories
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeFix find user prop
2018-09-04 Andre HeineckeExtend oomhelp for address book integration
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeAccept sent on behalf of as the sender address
2018-08-09 Andre HeineckeAdd new function to check for preview pane
2018-08-09 Andre HeineckeAdd ref in get_strong_reference
2018-07-23 Andre HeineckeFix memleak in put_pa_string
2018-07-23 Andre Heineckestrdup -> xstrdup
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeFix ref leak on no object error
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeFix minor ref leaks
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeFix ref leak in get_oom_recipients
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeAdd memdbg handling for MAPI
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeFix minor ref leak
2018-07-20 Andre HeineckeStart memdbg interface for COM ref counting
2018-07-10 Andre HeineckeRemove accidentally commited dev debug
2018-07-10 Andre HeineckeAdd support for distribution lists (groups)
2018-07-10 Andre HeineckeImprove recipient handling
2018-07-06 Andre HeineckeAdd log_addins oomhelp function
2018-06-22 Andre HeineckeTake language from Outlook instead of the system
2018-05-16 Andre HeineckeRemove files for Outlook 2007 / 2003 support
2018-04-24 Andre HeineckeFix a possible (unlikely) use after free
2018-04-11 Andre HeineckeChange S/MIME behavior depending on Exchange ver.
2018-03-13 Andre HeineckeImplement forwarding crypto mails with attachments
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeFactor sender fallbacks into seperate functs
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeFix setting the account for WKS Mails
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd oom helper to create mail and handle accounts
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeFix window modality of encryption
2018-01-09 Andre HeineckeCache recipients trough oom and add fallbacks
2017-11-29 Andre HeineckeSupress error message if UID not found
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeAdd comment about ref counting in get_oom_obj
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeUnify Copyright header indentation
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeChange copyright from Intevation to BSI
2017-01-13 Andre HeineckeDo not release the central application obj
2017-01-13 Andre HeineckeHandle QueryInterface errors
2017-01-05 Andre HeineckeAllow different UUIDs for the same mail
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeAdd fallback to create categories
2016-12-05 Andre HeineckeAlways initialize execpinfo
2016-11-11 Andre HeineckeAdd helper method to get active window handle
2016-11-03 Andre HeineckeAllow to reset uuid
2016-10-28 Andre HeineckeAdd int / string property accessor setters
2016-10-19 Andre HeineckeFix some double free's in oomhelp
2016-10-14 Andre HeineckeAdd UID to mails / mail objects
2016-10-14 Andre HeineckeAdd some more oom helpers
2016-10-11 Andre HeineckeAdd category helpers to oomhelp
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeClean up set_pa_info and add comment
2016-10-07 Andre HeineckeAdd excepinfo init helper
2016-08-16 Andre HeineckeExtend add_oom_attachment with display name
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeUnify COM Release and add debugging
2016-08-15 Andre HeineckeWIP release debug
2015-12-18 Andre HeineckeAdd helper to get MAPISession through OOM
2015-12-02 Andre HeineckeMove some debug output into debug_oom
2015-12-01 Andre HeineckeAdd OOM PropertyAccessor helper methods
2015-11-04 Andre HeineckeFix pointer to int cast in debug output
2015-10-28 Andre HeineckeFix recipient address lookup for Exchange addrs
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeReally fix msg merge failures.
2015-10-14 Andre HeineckeFix resource id's and remove unused resources.
2015-10-13 Andre HeineckeFix various warnings
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeFix return value of invoke_oom_method
2015-09-28 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into mime-addin
2015-09-24 Andre HeineckeShow exceptions in invoke_oom_method.
2015-09-21 Andre HeineckeAdd helper method to invoke a function.
2015-09-21 Andre HeineckeShow exception info in case put_oom_string fails.
2015-09-17 Andre HeineckeSplit get_oom_base message in two functions
2015-09-16 Andre HeineckeAdd get_oom_base_message helper function.
2015-09-16 Andre HeineckeAdd framework for mime decrypt / verify
2014-07-24 Andre HeineckeFix sender lookup by also using get_pa_string
2014-07-22 Andre HeineckeLook up SMTP Address by property
2013-08-06 Andre HeineckeImplement add encrypted attachment
2013-07-31 Andre HeineckeFactor out recipient lookup and some cleanups
2013-07-31 Andre HeineckeFactor out duplicated code and move to oomhelp
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'outlook14'
2013-07-10 Andre HeineckeFix debug output in dump_excepinfo
2013-07-09 Andre HeineckeImprove debug output in get_oom_object
2009-11-03 Werner KochThe new icon code is ready. However the whiole module...
2009-10-30 Werner KochMany more hacks.
2009-10-29 Werner KochAll controls are now done via the OOM model.
2009-10-28 Werner KochA bunch of changes to support better looking icons.