Revert "Addionally add outputdebugstring debugs"
[gpgol.git] / src /
2018-10-24 Andre HeineckeRevert "Addionally add outputdebugstring debugs"
2018-10-24 Andre HeineckeAddionally add outputdebugstring debugs
2018-10-24 Andre HeineckeAdd temporary logging to readRegStr
2018-10-24 Andre HeineckePseudonym some more without DBG_DATA
2018-10-23 Andre HeineckeOnly log raw crypto data if DBG_DATA is enabled
2018-10-22 Andre HeineckeFix check for debug levels for string debug
2018-10-22 Andre HeineckeFix HKLM fallback for config values
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckePass lang correctly to config dialog
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeDo not try to import empty key data from addrbook
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeMake address book lookup more robust
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeFix memleaks in new category code
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeFix string alloc tracing
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeAdd signature info to verify category
2018-10-16 Andre HeineckeMinor indentation fix
2018-10-15 Andre HeineckePass address book overrides to keyresolver
2018-10-15 Andre HeineckeAdd some new strings from the config dialog
2018-10-15 Andre HeineckePass preferred protocol to keyresolver
2018-10-09 Andre HeineckeMake auto import from S/MIME keyserver default off
2018-10-09 Andre HeineckeImport certs for s/mime autoresolve from keyserver
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeTrace parsing some more
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeTune down an error to an info
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeAdd new strings for config dialog debug page
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeAdd lock tracing
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeRevert "Show signer KeyID and UserID for valid mails"
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeUse mail_map copies for all complex ops
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeFix deadlock when selecting encrypt
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeAdd option to do decryption synchronously
2018-10-08 Andre HeineckeLog configuration settings
2018-10-01 Andre HeineckeAdd tracing in keycache
2018-10-01 Andre HeineckeAdd specific option for auto-key-retrieve
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeFix two encoding issues
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeIgnore Content-Id for Cnt-Disp: attachment
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeImprove attachment add debug output
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeFix error message in keycache lookup
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeIgnore reads when shutdown was triggered
2018-09-28 Andre HeineckeFix potential crash in revert
2018-09-26 Andre HeineckeShow signer KeyID and UserID for valid mails
2018-09-26 Andre HeineckeAdd sender name and repr name DASL
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFix potential deadlock in autosecure check
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFix memdbg error for log_file
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFurther simplyify log level values
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeOnly include conversion strings for DBG_DATA
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeAdd new strings for gpgolconfig and rename
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFix mlang release after mlang error
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeFix a tracing regression
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeReduce tracing verbosity a bit
2018-09-25 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'dutch-l10n/dutch'
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeAdd tracing support for important code
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeImprove debugging (e.g. by using pseudonyms)
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeMake debug macros variadic to include category
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeRemove very obsolete "watcher.cpp"
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeRemove obsolete / unused code
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeAdd string pseudonyms for debug output
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeUse unordered_map in memdbg for performance
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeReplace log_mime_data with log_data
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeReplace log_oom_extra with log_oom
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeAdd "Supertrace" macros
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeLog if logging fails
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeStart simplification of log categories
2018-09-24 Andre HeineckeRemove obsolete logging categories
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeAdd disable async encryption as hidden option
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeDisable async encryption for mails with attachs
2018-09-13 Andre HeineckeAdd more mimetypes in infer_content_type
2018-09-12 Andre HeineckeFix encoding of last line
2018-09-12 Andre HeineckeFix a possible crash when reactivating gpgol
2018-09-07 Andre HeineckeFix encoding of last line
2018-09-07 Andre HeineckeFix a possible crash when reactivating gpgol
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-3'
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeThou shalt not push before compiling
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeTry to fix crashes in MAPI SubmitMessage path
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeAdd some safeguards against NULL base msg
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeFix minor mem leak in format error
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeDo not release old ref in refCurrentItem
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeKeep strong ref after submit message
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeFallback to MAPI SubmitMessage if OOM Send fails
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeIgnore temporary recipient resolve errors
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeRename autoresolveCheck to autosecureCheck
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeFix Mail::needs_crypto_m
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeFallback to MAPI SubmitMessage if OOM Send fails
2018-09-06 Andre HeineckeIgnore temporary recipient resolve errors
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeAdd Address Book integration
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeFix find user prop
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeAdd l10n strings for the keyadder
2018-09-05 Andre HeineckeAdd import / override functions to keycache
2018-09-04 Andre HeineckeRename autoresolveCheck to autosecureCheck
2018-09-04 Andre HeineckeFix Mail::needs_crypto_m
2018-09-04 Andre HeineckeExtend oomhelp for address book integration
2018-08-30 Andre HeineckeRevert "Check for PGP/Inline inside of S/MIME mails"
2018-08-30 Andre HeineckeRevert "Also check for pgp/inline in IPM.Note.SMIME"
2018-08-30 Andre HeineckeAdd a debug statement when marking MOSS attachs
2018-08-30 Andre HeineckeAlso check for pgp/inline in IPM.Note.SMIME
2018-08-30 Andre HeineckeCheck for PGP/Inline inside of S/MIME mails
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeCache icons
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeAccept sent on behalf of as the sender address
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeFix minor locking issue
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeUse dispcache for Multilanguage COM interface
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeAdd generic cache for IDispatch objects
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeAdd missing word from config dialog to i18n
2018-08-29 Andre HeineckeRemove attic