Fix Mail::needs_crypto_m
[gpgol.git] / tests /
2018-07-09 Andre Heinecketests: Don't override GNUPGHOME in run-parser
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeUnify Copyright header indentation
2017-04-25 Andre HeineckeChange copyright from Intevation to BSI
2016-10-19 Andre Heinecketests: Check if file was opened before parsing.
2016-10-12 Andre Heinecketests: Add two more multipart-signed tests
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Add test for a mail created by us
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Fix run-parser
2016-09-28 Andre Heinecketests: Add test for data with no headers
2016-09-28 Andre HeineckeAdd error handling for decryption errors
2016-09-27 Andre Heinecketests: Add more S/MIME tests
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add Opaque signed S/MIME mail
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add test mail with attachments
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: close plain data files and terminate strs
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add new test for encrypted+signed
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Add simple multiplart/signed test
2016-09-22 Andre Heinecketests: Improve run-parser output
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd simple test for multipart/encrypted
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd first real unit test for pgp/inline/encrypted
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd test gnupg_home from messagelib
2016-09-15 Andre Heinecketests: Add messagetypes as command line args
2016-09-15 Andre HeineckeAdd parsertest for Linux
2007-12-05 Werner KochAdd test key.
2005-09-01 Werner KochMore chnages, in particular made text/plain with foo.asc
2005-08-24 Werner KochAdded missing files. Implemented passphrase cache.