2005-11-30 Werner KochAdded translation framework and translated a few strings.
2005-11-15 Werner Kochuse the plural form
2005-11-15 Werner KochFixed automake init
2005-11-15 Werner KochNeed to allow the keyword
2005-11-15 Werner KochBasic HTMl support
2005-10-22 Marcus BrinkmannAdd comment about the static library situation.
2005-10-21 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannAdd -cvs to version string.
2005-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannFix last change.
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannFix last change.
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-06 Marcus BrinkmannFix typo.
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-09-29 Werner KochReleased 0.9.3 gpgol-0.9.3
2005-09-28 Werner KochYeah, that was a huge leap today.
2005-09-27 Werner KochRemoved keycache and reworked dialog internals.
2005-09-23 Werner KochMake sending of messages working again. Removed cruft.
2005-09-22 Werner KochAllow saving of PGP/MIME encrypted attachments. gpgol-0.9.2
2005-09-21 Werner KochFixed line ending issues.
2005-09-20 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-09-19 Werner KochAbout to release 0.9.1 gpgol-0.9.1
2005-09-19 Werner KochMerged Timos changes.
2005-09-16 Timo SchulzForgot to add copyright, license header...
2005-09-16 Timo SchulzRemove old regression tests.
2005-09-16 Timo SchulzUse global hinstance.
2005-09-15 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-09-15 Werner KochCheck that we only encrypt plain text bodies
2005-09-13 Werner KochAdd some new features - not fully working yet.
2005-09-09 Timo SchulzForgot to remove include.
2005-09-08 Timo SchulzRemoved more unused code.
2005-09-07 Timo SchulzRemoved unused code and changed project name in file...
2005-09-07 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-09-06 Werner KochAdded MIME parser. We can now display a text/plain...
2005-09-06 Timo SchulzForgot double NUL at the end.
2005-09-06 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-09-04 Werner KochAbout to release 0.9.0 gpgol-0.9.0
2005-09-03 Werner KochAdded standard files.
2005-09-01 Werner KochMore chnages, in particular made text/plain with foo.asc
2005-09-01 Werner KochOkay, found a way to macth message and reply.
2005-08-31 Werner KochPut a threading model entry into the Registry
2005-08-30 Werner KochRenamed project to GPGol.
2005-08-30 Werner Kochminor cleanups
2005-08-30 Werner KochAfter disabling RTFSync it works again.
2005-08-29 Werner KochSlowly stuff starts to work.
2005-08-28 Werner KochBetter verification of attachments - NOT TESTED
2005-08-26 Werner KochCleanups, fixed a few bugs, use winpt as default keyman...
2005-08-26 Werner KochMany more cleanups. MapiGPGME has gone.
2005-08-25 Werner KochStill working on it. ...
2005-08-25 Werner KochMore cleanups. Still not finished, though.
2005-08-25 Werner KochSigning with attachments does now work. w/o temp files.
2005-08-24 Werner KochCompiles but I would be very surprised if it runs.
2005-08-24 Werner KochAdded missing files. Implemented passphrase cache.
2005-08-23 Werner KochAll fucked up ...
2005-08-23 Werner KochLarger rewrites. Many parts won't work but at least...
2005-08-15 Werner KochRestructured the whole thing. It is now named outlgpg...
2005-08-12 Werner KochAdded eol-style property
2005-08-12 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-12 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-12 Werner KochRenamed to olgpgmain and olgpgcore. Added fucntion...
2005-08-11 Werner KochCleanups, revamped logging. Timo: If you want to provi...
2005-08-09 Werner KochMinor fixes. As a temporrary solution we use mapi32...
2005-08-09 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-09 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-09 Timo SchulzSee ChangeLog.
2005-08-09 Werner KochSplitted MapiGPGME into interface and implementation...
2005-08-08 Werner KochAdded basic build files
2005-08-08 Werner KochAt least it compiles with mingw now.
2005-08-03 Werner Koch(no commit message)
2005-08-03 Werner KochAdded Makefile
2005-08-03 Werner KochMoved files to the top directory
2005-08-03 Werner KochChanged layout and names of directories. Removed unuse...
2005-07-25 Timo Schulz2005-07-20 Timo Schulz <>
2005-07-25 Timo Schulz2005-07-18 Timo Schulz <>
2005-07-13 Timo Schulz2005-07-13 Timo Schulz <>
2005-07-13 Timo Schulz2005-07-05 Timo Schulz <>
2005-07-04 Timo Schulz2005-07-03 Timo Schulz <>
2005-06-15 Timo Schulz2005-06-14 Timo Schulz <>
2005-06-15 Timo Schulz2005-06-13 Timo Schulz <>
2005-06-06 Timo Schulz2005-06-05 Timo Schulz <>
2005-06-06 Timo SchulzReleased 0.99.1
2005-05-31 Timo Schulz2005-05-29 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-23 Timo Schulz2005-05-22 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-12 Timo SchulzRemove corrupted binary files.
2005-05-11 Timo SchulzCommit install guide.
2005-05-11 Timo SchulzUpdated the README.
2005-05-11 Timo Schulz2005-05-10 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-11 Timo SchulzCommit newest DLL version.
2005-05-09 Timo SchulzAdded missing file.
2005-05-09 Timo Schulz2005-05-03 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-09 Timo Schulz2005-05-08 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-04 Timo SchulzAdd missing DLL.
2005-05-04 Timo Schulz2005-05-02 Timo Schulz <>
2005-05-04 Timo SchulzOutlook GPG new version.
2005-04-18 Timo Schulz2005-04-18 Timo Schulz <>
2005-04-14 Timo Schulz2005-04-13 Timo Schulz <>
2005-04-08 Timo Schulz2005-04-07 Timo Schulz <>