40 hours ago Andre HeineckePost release version bump master
40 hours ago Andre HeineckeAuto update po files gpgol-2.4.2
40 hours ago Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release
40 hours ago Andre HeineckeAdd safeguard against plaintext leaks after close
40 hours ago Andre HeineckeEnsure passNextWrite is reset after passing it
42 hours ago Andre HeineckeFix mail display when plaintext opt changes in run
43 hours ago Andre HeineckePrint sigsum if in debug when invalid
2019-06-15 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2019-06-15 Andre HeineckeAuto update PO files gpgol-2.4.1
2019-06-15 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release
2019-06-11 Andre HeineckeDo not show attachment warning when printing
2019-06-11 Andre HeineckeAdd silent mode to checkAttachments
2019-06-11 Andre HeineckeRemove "Print decrypted" action
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeAdd a better comment about the save as
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeImplement File->SaveAs for crypt mail
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeImprove some debug output
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeAdd introspection debug code for variants
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeAlso do not print categories in quick print
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeImplement printing from the file menu
2019-06-07 Andre HeineckeUse ApplicationEvents_11 Interface
2019-06-04 Andre HeineckeRevert "Only use IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned for...
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeRemove leftover dbg output with bad w64 format gpgol-2.4.0
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeUse correct version number in
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for 2.4.0
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeCorrect a confusing debug message
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeIncrease bufsize and linebuf size for broken MUAs
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeOnly use IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned for SMIME
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeAdd debug output for exchange version
2019-06-03 Andre HeineckeOnly set IPM.Note.SMIME on Exchange 2016 and later
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeAlways pass write in NeedsFirstAfterWrite state
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeFix T3656 workaround for encrypted S/MIME
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeFix moving / closing S/MIME mails with attachments
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeAdd accessor for msgtype
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeFix refcount error in rare error handler
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeUse unquoted content id for related attachments
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeSaveguard against related attachment hiding
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeFix forwarding of plain text mails with CID attachs
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeImprove debug output for attachment handling
2019-05-28 Andre HeineckeFix double free in error handler
2019-05-20 Andre HeineckeHandle multipe valid secret keys better
2019-05-20 Andre HeineckeChange S/MIME Message Class handling
2019-05-20 Andre HeineckeUse similar S/MIME icons as Outlook
2019-05-20 Andre HeineckeFix dangerous memdbg pattern
2019-05-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate german translation
2019-05-08 Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeOnly autosecure when seckey found for CMS
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeFix T3656 workaround activation
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeFix locale of opened dialogs
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeFix some draft encrypt sending issues
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeAdd S/MIME Addressbook integration
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeChange addr book ribbon icon to "settings"
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeAdd note about IPM.Note.SMIME in mimemaker
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeAdd new strings for config and keyadder
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeEnsure proto is always set for draft encryption
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeDo not start draft encryption while sending
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeUse IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSigned again
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeBump GPGME dependency to 1.13.0
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeAdd strings for S/MIME addr book config
2019-05-02 Andre HeineckeBump c++ std to 14
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeAdd new strings for the config dialog
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckePrefer Outlook language over environment
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeFix typo in decrypt permanently action
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeMake default folder selection account sensitive
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeDecrypt again after a draft was closed
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeDon't complain about empty drafts
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeDon't take base message for drafts
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeAdd safety check for reordered attachments
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeImprove propchange debug output
2019-04-12 Andre HeineckeFactor out activeInlineResponse in own function
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeExplicitly note when close is passed for drafs
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckePass crypto mails through write depending on state
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeAllow sending of decrypted crypto mails
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeFix detection of async / sync encryption
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeAdd for_encryption parameter to updateOOMData
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeDo not store modified drafts if decrypt failed
2019-04-11 Andre HeineckeAllow property changes for encrypted drafts
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeInitial handling for edits on encrypted drafts
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeFix deadlock on synchronous encrypt
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeEnsure draft encrypt state is reset on error
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeAdd helper function "is_draft_mail"
2019-04-10 Andre Heineckepo: Fix a mislabling in german l10n
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeDo not reset draft info for drafts
2019-04-10 Andre Heineckeminor: Add a missing return to improve dbg output
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeAdd SentOnBehalfOfName to ignored prop changes
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeAdd initial draft encryption support
2019-04-10 Andre HeineckeSilence a too verbose trace
2019-04-09 Andre HeineckePrint maip error on OpenProperty error
2019-04-08 Andre HeineckeAdd MAPI error codes and helpers
2019-03-27 Andre HeineckeFix crash when looking at messages without attachs
2019-03-27 Andre HeineckeFix content-type detection for headerless mails
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeReplace fancy attribute by comment
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeFix distcheck gpgol-2.3.3
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeFix / improve decrypting sent exchange mails again
2019-03-26 Andre HeineckeEnsure that decrypt again uses preprocessing