2011-12-27 Werner KochRelease version 1.1.3. gpgol-1.1.3
2011-12-27 Werner KochStore gitCommit registry entry as hex number.
2011-12-27 Werner Kochpo: Remove line number comments.
2011-12-27 Werner KochUse GIT commit ids instead of SVN revision numbers.
2011-12-27 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-12-23 Werner KochAdd gitignore file
2011-12-23 Werner KochFix data corruption during encryption.
2011-12-23 Werner KochFix double free.
2010-07-21 Werner KochAdd Portuguese translation gpgol-1.1.2
2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2010-01-13 Werner KochPrepare a release gpgol-1.1.1
2010-01-12 Werner KochIcon updates and icnlude new source files into POTFILES
2010-01-08 Werner KochFix forms icons
2010-01-05 Werner KochLog release date gpgol-1.1.0
2010-01-05 Werner KochPreparing a release
2009-12-22 Werner KochUpdated all icons. These are now final versions (At...
2009-12-08 Marcus BrinkmannAdd patch for new API.
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-11-30 Werner KochPlaintext of encrypted message is now shown again.
2009-11-27 Werner KochIt seems that I solved the probelm with sending message...
2009-11-20 Werner KochSaved current experiments
2009-11-03 Werner KochMore missing files.. :-(
2009-11-03 Werner KochAdd file
2009-11-03 Werner KochSimplified.
2009-11-03 Werner KochThe new icon code is ready. However the whiole module...
2009-10-30 Werner KochMany more hacks.
2009-10-30 Werner KochUpdated icons.
2009-10-29 Werner KochAll controls are now done via the OOM model.
2009-10-28 Werner KochA bunch of changes to support better looking icons.
2009-09-28 Werner Kochprepare 1.0.1 gpgol-1.0.1
2009-08-28 Werner KochNo -Wno-pointer-sign for C++
2009-08-28 Werner KochSender adress kludge for Exchane and Kleopatra.
2009-08-24 Werner KochAdd other test code
2009-08-24 Werner KochAdd missing files
2009-08-21 Werner KochDo not use MSgWautForMultipleObjects
2009-07-21 Werner KochRelease data returned by GetIDsFromNames
2009-07-21 Werner KochHelp UI servers to present a unified sign/encrypt dialog.
2009-06-18 Werner KochAbout to release 1.0. gpgol-1.0.0
2009-02-27 Werner KochPreparing a release
2009-02-26 Werner KochChmage suffix of unnamed attachments.
2009-02-26 Werner KochNo decrypt menu item for non GpgOL messages.
2009-02-26 Werner KochSend SENDER command also for encryption.
2009-02-25 Werner KochSave cryto settings in a draft.
2009-01-28 Werner KochFix for OL created S/MIME signed mails. gpgol-0.10.18
2009-01-16 Werner Koch* engine-assuan.c (attach_thread_input_wndw_proc)
2008-12-02 Werner KochTypo fix.
2008-11-26 Werner KochStatus icon fix.
2008-11-26 Werner KochString change
2008-11-26 Werner KochMinor GUI fixes.
2008-11-14 Werner KochMade crypto operations faster. gpgol-0.10.17
2008-11-11 Werner KochPreparing 0.10.16 release gpgol-0.10.16
2008-11-10 Werner KochAsk the user whether he want to try starting the ui...
2008-11-03 Werner KochAdd session title to sign and encrypt operations.
2008-10-29 Werner KochMade atatchment encryption faster.
2008-10-27 Werner KochRemove an fprintf based debug output.
2008-10-27 Werner KochBetter checks for empty messages.
2008-10-27 Werner KochChanged two translations.
2008-10-27 Werner KochAnother cryptoex update. This time for inline encrypte...
2008-10-27 Werner KochUse named property Internet Charset Body for old style...
2008-10-24 Werner KochAdd another CryptoEx hack.
2008-10-23 Werner KochFixed PGP clear sign message verification.
2008-10-17 Werner Kochuse more gcc warnings.
2008-10-17 Werner KochFixed opaque signature verification.
2008-10-17 Werner KochChanged a translation.
2008-10-16 Werner KochBetter cope with weird CryptEx messages.
2008-10-16 Werner KochSupport --protocol for SENDER assuan command.
2008-09-30 Werner KochDetect pgp signed mails with S/MIME disabled.
2008-08-06 Werner Kochpreparing a release. gpgol-0.10.15
2008-08-05 Werner Kochyeah, we have icons for the Viewer pane.
2008-08-04 Werner KochNew code to install forms so that appropriate icons...
2008-08-01 Werner KochReverting a folder is now possible.
2008-07-30 Werner KochStarted with Revert code.
2008-06-27 Werner KochSave old message class.
2008-06-26 Werner KochMinor doc updates.
2008-06-19 Werner KochChanged message box icons
2008-06-12 Werner KochConvey from address to the UI-server.
2008-06-12 Werner KochRemove CLSID Registry key.
2008-06-05 Werner KochSend the SESSION command to the server.
2008-06-04 Werner KochMoved UI server protocol specs to the GPGME manual.
2008-05-28 Werner KochAdd otpion to show encrypted messages as an attachment.
2008-05-28 Werner KochDo not sent a message if the backend did not sent any... gpgol-0.10.14
2008-05-06 Werner KochRemove debug stuff. gpgol-0.10.13
2008-05-02 Werner KochDistinguish inline and attachment dispositions.
2008-04-16 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.12
2008-04-15 Werner KochCreated icons.
2008-04-04 Werner KochFix sign+encr problem. gpgol-0.10.11
2008-04-02 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.10
2008-03-31 Werner KochVisual cleanups.
2008-03-26 Werner KochFix crash due to the gpgme backend.
2008-03-19 Werner KochImplemented opaque signed+encrypted. gpgol-0.10.9
2008-03-18 Werner KochPreparing a release gpgol-0.10.8
2008-03-18 Werner KochFixed a segv in the mime parser.
2008-03-11 Werner KochPreparing 0.10.7 gpgol-0.10.7
2008-03-11 Werner KochChanged the way sign+encrypt works.
2008-03-10 Werner KochPerformance fixes. gpgol-0.10.6
2008-03-07 Werner KochPass the sender address to the UI server.
2008-03-07 Werner KochPrint a note after a software upgrade.
2008-03-07 Werner KochFix a problem with plain PGP messages. Decryption...
2008-03-06 Werner KochImplement signing with automatic protocol selection.
2008-02-28 Werner KochFix setting of S/MIME and OpenPGP defaults.