partly added creation of OP partial length headers
[libgcrypt.git] / THANKS
1998-06-29 Werner Kochtextual changes
1998-06-26 Werner Kochbug fixes
1998-06-11 Werner Koch.
1998-06-09 Werner KochSicherung
1998-05-15 Werner Kochnew release V0-2-18
1998-05-13 Werner Kochcan create v4 signatures
1998-05-05 Werner Kochadd DSA key generation
1998-04-14 Werner Kochapplied Mathews typo and grammar fixes
1998-04-08 Werner Kochtest release
1998-04-02 Werner Kochrelease 0.2.14
1998-03-19 Werner Kochsome cleanups
1998-03-09 Werner Kochpartial DSA support
1998-02-16 Werner Kochsome import functionality
1998-02-13 Werner Kochadded option export V0-2-6
1998-02-11 Werner Kocha couple of changes; but some parts are now broken