2017-10-24 Jia ZhangAdd crypto hash SM3.
2017-10-24 NIIBE YutakaAdd new constant GCRY_MD_SM3 for crypto hash SM3.
2017-10-19 NIIBE YutakaRegister DCO for Jia Zhang.
2017-10-17 Werner Kochapi: New function gcry_mpi_get_ui.
2017-08-29 NIIBE YutakaTweak GCC version check.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakarandom: Fix warnings on Windows.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakatests: Fix warnings on Windows.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Fix scratch MPI.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Fix ec_mulm_25519.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Use 25519 method also for ed25519.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Clean up curve specific method support.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Relax condition for 25519 computations.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Fix ec_mulm_25519.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: field specific routines for 25519.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Add field specific computation methods.
2017-08-27 Werner KochAlso bump the LT Current value.
2017-08-27 Werner KochPrepare for the 1.9 branch
2017-08-27 Werner KochPost release updates
2017-08-27 Werner KochRelease 1.8.1 libgcrypt-1.8.1
2017-08-27 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Add input validation for X25519.
2017-08-24 Werner Kochindent: Typo fix.
2017-08-07 Marcus Brinkmanncipher: Add OID for SHA384WithECDSA.
2017-08-02 Werner Kochtests: Fix a printf glitch for a Windows test.
2017-08-02 Werner Kochtests: Add benchmarking option to tests/random.
2017-08-02 Werner Kochrandom: Add more bytes to the pool in addition to the...
2017-08-01 Jussi KivilinnaAdd script to run basic tests with all supported HWF...
2017-07-29 Jussi KivilinnaFix return value type for _gcry_md_extract
2017-07-29 Jussi KivilinnaFix building AArch32 CE implementations when target...
2017-07-25 NIIBE Yutakasexp: Add fall through annotation.
2017-07-24 Werner Kochrandom: Fix the command line munging for jitterbase.
2017-07-20 Werner Kochdoc: Typo fix.
2017-07-19 NIIBE YutakaRemove byte order mark.
2017-07-18 Werner KochPost release updates
2017-07-18 Werner KochRelease 1.8.0 libgcrypt-1.8.0
2017-07-18 Werner Kochbuild: Remove the configure run notice on EGD.
2017-07-18 Werner Kochmac: Add selftests for HMAC-SHA3-xxx.
2017-07-18 Werner Kochapi: New function gcry_mpi_point_copy.
2017-07-17 Werner Kochbuild: Bump LT version to C22/A2/R0.
2017-07-17 Werner Kochrandom: Minor fix for getting the rndjent version.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakampi: Minor fix of mpi_pow.
2017-07-07 NIIBE Yutakampi: Fix mpi_pow alternative implementation.
2017-07-07 NIIBE YutakaFix mpi_pow alternative implementation.
2017-07-06 Werner KochUpdate NEWS
2017-07-06 Werner Kochrsa: Use modern MPI allocation function.
2017-07-05 Werner Kochbuild: Minor API fixes to fix build problems on AIX.
2017-07-05 Werner Kochtools: Add left shift to mpicalc.
2017-07-04 NIIBE Yutakampi: Fix mpi_set_secure.
2017-06-29 NIIBE Yutakarsa: Add exponent blinding.
2017-06-28 NIIBE YutakaSame computation for square and multiply.
2017-06-24 Werner Kochrsa: Minor refactoring.
2017-06-23 Werner Kochrandom: Add missing dependency.
2017-06-23 Werner Kochrandom: Update jitterentropy to 2.1.0.
2017-06-21 Werner Kochapi: New function gcry_get_config.
2017-06-21 Werner Kochrandom: Allow building rndjent on non-x86.
2017-06-18 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-padlock: change asm operands from read-only...
2017-06-16 Werner Kochrandom: Make rndjent.c NTG.1 compliant.
2017-06-16 Werner Kochmd: Optimize gcry_md_hash_buffers for SHA-256 and SHA...
2017-06-16 Werner Kochrandom: Allow building rndjent.c with stats collecting...
2017-06-16 Werner KochNew global config option "only-urandom".
2017-06-16 Werner KochImplement global config file /etc/gcrypt/random.conf
2017-06-14 Werner Kochrandom: Add jitter RND based entropy collector.
2017-06-14 Werner Kochcipher: New helper function rol64.
2017-06-14 Werner KochNew hardware feature flag HWF_INTEL_RDTSC.
2017-06-14 Werner Kochrandom: Changes to original Jitter RNG implementation
2017-06-13 Stephan Muellerrandom: Add original Jitter RNG implementation
2017-06-08 Werner Kochbuild: Fix ChangeLog building for builds from other...
2017-06-02 Werner KochAdd release info from 1.7.7 to NEWS
2017-06-02 NIIBE Yutakasecmem: Fix SEGV and stat calculation.
2017-06-01 Jo Van Bulckecc: Store EdDSA session key in secure memory.
2017-05-31 Werner Kochapi: Deprecate gcry_md_info
2017-05-30 Werner Kochmpi: Distribute asm files for aarch64 and asm
2017-05-30 Werner Kochmpi: Distribute asm definitions for amd64
2017-05-23 Werner Kochcipher: Fix compiler warnings.
2017-05-23 Werner Kochdoc: Comment fixes
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3: fix functions calls from assembly blocks
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnachacha20-armv7-neon: fix to use fast code path when...
2017-05-18 Jussi KivilinnaMove data in AMD64 assembly to text section
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnacast5-amd64: use 64-bit relocation with large PIC memor...
2017-05-13 Jussi KivilinnaFix building with x86-64 medium and large memory models
2017-04-28 NIIBE YutakaSpelling fixes in docs and comments.
2017-04-04 NIIBE Yutakampi: Simplify mpi_powm.
2017-03-08 Justus Winterbuild: Use macOS' compatibility macros to enable all...
2017-02-27 Jussi KivilinnaAdd BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s hash algorithms (RFC 7693)
2017-02-27 Jussi KivilinnaFix building with clang on ARM64/FreeBSD
2017-02-07 Justus WinterFix building with a pre C99 compiler.
2017-02-04 Mathias L.... Implement CFB with 8-bit mode
2017-02-04 Jussi KivilinnaRegister DCO for Mathias L. Baumann
2017-02-04 Jussi Kivilinnarndhw: add missing "memory" clobbers
2017-02-04 Jussi KivilinnaAdd UNLIKELY and LIKELY macros
2017-02-04 Jussi Kivilinnarndhw: avoid type-punching
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnahwf-x86: avoid type-punching
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacipher: add explicit blocksize checks to allow better...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: use unaligned dword and qword types for endian...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-aesni: fix u128_t strict-aliasing rule breaking
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacipher-xts: fix pointer casting to wrong alignment...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacrc-intel-pclmul: fix undefined behavior with unaligned...
2017-01-28 Jussi fix attribute checks
2017-01-28 Jussi fix may_alias attribute check
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: add 'may_alias' attribute for properly aligned...
2017-01-27 Werner Kochw32: New envvar GCRYPT_RNDW32_DBG.