BMPString fix.
[libksba.git] / src /
2006-07-19 Werner KochBMPString fix.
2006-07-03 Werner KochNew code to tests DN strings.
2006-06-20 Werner KochChanged FSF's address in the top comments.
2006-06-19 Werner KochFixed BER parser
2006-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann2006-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-05-11 Werner KochHack for Seimns CA certificates
2006-05-10 Werner Koch* ber-decoder.c (decoder_next): Zero out NODE.
2006-04-23 Marcus Brinkmann2006-04-23 Brad Hards <> (mb)
2006-04-23 Marcus Brinkmann2006-04-23 Brad Hards <> (mb)
2006-03-21 Werner KochFixed a CMS parsing problem.
2005-11-13 Werner KochFixes to the last changes.
2005-11-11 Werner KochAdded user data feature for ksba_cert_t
2005-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann2005-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-07-21 Werner Koch* certreq.h (struct general_names_s): New.
2005-06-16 Werner Koch ksba_certreq_add_extension CHANGED: Argument DER...
2005-06-02 Werner KochAdded gnulib stuff to allow for a portable alloca
2005-04-20 Werner Koch* time.c (_ksba_asntime_to_iso): Add arg IS_UTCTIME... debian/libksba-0-9-11
2005-04-19 Werner Koch* Bumped LT version to C14/A6/R0 due...
2005-04-15 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Added a new function. Markup improvements.
2005-01-31 Werner Koch(_ksba_cms_parse_signed_data_part_2): Allow NDEF
2005-01-21 Werner Koch(ber_dump_SOURCES): Use per target flags to force
2004-12-18 Werner Koch* Print a hint about failed corss compila...
2004-12-03 Werner KochBumped LT version to C13/A5/R2. debian/libksba-0-9-10
2004-08-18 Werner Koch* cert.c (ksba_cert_get_image): Replaced assert by...
2004-07-20 Werner Koch* cert.c (_ksba_cert_get_issuer_dn_ptr): Renamed to ..
2004-06-08 Werner Koch(ksba_certreq_add_extension): Removed unused variable. debian/libksba-0-9-7
2004-06-06 Werner Koch* ksba.h: Comment cleanups.
2004-04-28 Werner Koch* libksba.vers: Add new functions.
2004-04-06 Werner Koch* cms.c (ksba_cms_add_smime_capability): Oops, we forgo...
2004-03-24 Werner Koch* cms.c (ksba_cms_add_smime_capability): New.
2004-03-23 Werner Koch* ksba.texi: Added 2 more fucntions. Minor other updates.
2004-03-16 Werner KochAdd mkoidtbl to tests/ and not to src/
2004-03-16 Werner KochAdded mkoidtbl.awk
2004-03-16 Werner KochAdded libksba.vers.
2004-03-16 Werner Koch(ksba_ocsp_get_responder_id, ksba_ocsp_get_cert): New.
2004-02-20 Werner Koch* cert.c (ksba_cert_get_ext_key_usages): New.
2004-02-13 Werner Koch(ksba_reader_clear): New.
2004-01-30 Werner KochFixed a serious bug (segv) in creating signatures. debian/libksba-0-9-3
2004-01-29 Werner KochReleased 0.9.2 debian/libksba-0-9-2
2004-01-28 Werner KochUpdated the table and changed a few names only used for
2004-01-19 Werner KochReverted last change. Sorry, Cryptovision folks: You...
2004-01-19 Werner Koch(build_signed_data_attributes): Include the messageDigest
2003-12-19 Werner Koch(build_signed_data_header): Fixed silly ==/= bug. debian/libksba-0-9-1
2003-12-19 Werner Kochcomment typo fix
2003-12-09 Werner Koch(ksba_cms_set_sig_val): Fixed a code cleanup I did...
2003-12-01 Werner KochAdded dummy functiions to support signed requests at...
2003-11-28 Werner Koch* ocsp.h, ocsp.c: New.
2003-11-25 Werner KochStarted some work on OCSP
2003-11-25 Werner KochAdded a few more CRL reason codes.
2003-11-18 Werner Koch(ksba_reader_read): Return GPG_ERR_EOF and not -1.
2003-11-17 Werner Koch* cert.c (get_name, ksba_cert_get_extension): Return... debian/libksba-0-9-0
2003-11-17 Werner Koch* cms.c (write_encrypted_cont): Fixed test on EOF.
2003-11-13 Werner Koch* ber-decoder.c (eof_or_error): Replaced READ_ERROR...
2003-11-12 Werner KochA whole bunch of interface changes. Does now require...
2003-11-02 Werner KochChanged the representation of time.
2003-10-21 Werner Koch* dn.c (oid_name_tbl): Changed OIDLEN to size_t.
2003-08-20 Werner KochApplied Macrus valgrinded fix.
2003-03-17 Werner Koch* dn.c (count_quoted_string): Fixed detection of nonpri...
2002-12-12 Werner Koch* keyinfo.c (sig_algo_table): Added sha-1WithRSAEncryption.
2002-12-03 Werner Koch* ber-decoder.c (cmp_tag): Handle ANY tag even when...
2002-11-25 Werner Koch* cms.c (ksba_cms_get_sigattr_oids): New.
2002-10-22 Werner Koch* asn1-parse.y (yyparse): Prefix with _ksba_asn1_.
2002-08-23 Werner Koch* ksba.m4: Removed unnecessary libs
2002-08-21 Werner Koch* der-encoder.c (_ksba_der_copy_tree)
2002-08-21 Werner Koch* ksba.m4: New.
2002-08-09 Werner Koch* cms.h (signer_info_s, sig_val_s): New. Actually...
2002-07-04 Werner Koch* cms.c (ksba_cms_identify): Make sure to read the...
2002-07-02 Werner Koch* certreq.c (ksba_certreq_set_sig_val): Don't store...
2002-06-27 Werner Koch* cert.c (ksba_cert_get_auth_key_id): Skip keyIdentifie...
2002-06-17 Werner Koch* cms.c (write_encrypted_cont): Don't use write_octet_s...
2002-06-13 Werner Koch* writer.c (ksba_writer_write_octet_string): Correctly...
2002-06-13 Werner Koch* writer.c (ksba_writer_write_octet_string): Correctly...
2002-06-12 Werner Koch* writer.c (ksba_writer_write_octet_string): New.
2002-06-04 Werner KochAbout to release 0.4.2 debian/V0-4-2
2002-05-17 Werner Koch* t-cms-parser.c (one_file): Use ksba_cms_identify.
2002-05-04 Werner Koch* t-dnparser.c (test_1): Add test on empty elements.
2002-04-27 Werner Koch* cms.c (read_and_hash_cont): Handle constructed octet...
2002-04-23 Werner KochAdd missing file
2002-04-15 Werner Koch* dn.c (append_ucs4_value,append_ucs2_value): Implemented.
2002-04-15 Werner Koch* cert.c (ksba_cert_get_auth_key_id): New.
2002-03-22 Werner Koch* cert.c (get_name): Fixed enumering of alternate names.
2002-03-18 Werner KochDoc fixes. Added essential fixmes to TODO.
2002-03-13 Werner Koch* cms.h (value_tree_s): New and use it for recp_info.
2002-03-13 Werner Kochtests/
2002-03-12 Werner Koch* t-cms-parser.c (one_file): Detect certs-only messages.
2002-03-04 Werner Koch* Bumbed version to 0.2.1 debian/V0-2-1
2002-02-19 Werner Kochsrc/
2002-02-07 Werner KochCleaned up a mess with a PCL-CVS corrupted CVS/Entries.
2002-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann2002-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2002-02-01 Werner Koch* cms.c (ksba_cms_set_sig_val): Add kludge to allow...
2002-01-28 Werner Koch* oid.c (ksba_oid_from_str): Fixed docs and return...
2002-01-25 Werner Koch* cms.c (build_signed_data_attributes): Write the optio...
2002-01-23 Werner Koch* crl.c (parse_to_next_update): Use measured length...
2002-01-23 Werner Koch* cert-basic.c (one_file): Print key usage restrictions
2002-01-22 Werner Koch* cert.c (ksba_cert_is_ca): New.
2002-01-14 Werner KochNext try to type the OID right. Thanks, Steffen.
2002-01-14 Werner Koch* dn.c: Fixmed oid table according to rfc2253.
2002-01-11 Werner Koch* dn.c (append_atv): Don't write a trailing hash sign.
2002-01-11 Werner Koch* time.c (_ksba_asntime_to_epoch): Kludge to cope with...
2002-01-10 Werner Koch* certreq.c, certreq.h: New.