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2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Remove a debug message.
2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Fix segv in npth_eselect.
2014-06-27 Werner Kochw32: Change an npth_eselect arg to unsigned.
2014-06-26 Werner Kochw32: Let npth_eselect return 0 for timeout. Fix replace...
2014-02-19 Werner Kochw32: Make npth_eselect actually work.
2014-02-19 Werner Kochw32: Avoid calling FD_ISSET with a NULL fdset.
2014-01-09 Werner KochFix creation of w32 npth-config tool.
2014-01-09 Werner Kochw32: Fix build problems with current compilers.
2012-02-28 Marcus BrinkmannRemove npth_yield.
2012-01-27 Werner KochImprove pthread library detection.
2012-01-23 Marcus BrinkmannAllow manually unprotect/protect calls.
2012-01-19 Marcus BrinkmannAllow no extra events in npth_eselect.
2012-01-19 Marcus BrinkmannImplement ability to wait on sockets and events.
2012-01-19 Marcus BrinkmannRemove libnpth.vers dependency.
2012-01-19 Marcus BrinkmannRelease mutex temporarily on instant timeout in npth_co...
2012-01-13 Marcus BrinkmannInitial support for w32.