descriptionStripe payment processor
ownerGIT admin account
last changeTue, 13 Jun 2017 08:04:04 +0000 (10:04 +0200)
2017-06-13 Werner Kochpayproc-jrnl: Allow for -F help master
2017-06-12 Werner KochAllow forcing single-time SEPA payment in procpost...
2017-06-12 Werner KochAllow indicating recurring SEPA donations in payproc...
2017-06-09 Werner KochStore the 'Recur' parameter in the preorder table.
2017-06-06 Werner KochCache Paypal plans.
2017-05-30 Werner KochCompress the SVG created by ppsepaqr
2017-05-30 Werner KochUse SVG attribute crispEdges for ppsepaqr output.
2017-05-30 Werner KochNew tool ppsepaqr
2017-05-30 Werner KochAppend aliasid to the Paypal cancel URL.
2017-05-22 Werner KochFix Paypal one-time donations.
2017-05-22 Werner KochNeed to send Connection:close for HTTP/1.0
2017-05-22 Werner KochFinish implementation of Paypal recurring donations.
2017-05-19 Werner KochFirst changes for Paypal recurring donations.
2017-05-19 Werner KochDo not fail a call to paypal or stripe with no return...
2017-05-19 Werner KochAdd the PATCH method to the http module.
2017-05-18 Werner KochReuse the PayPal OAUTH token
2 years ago payproc-0.3.0 Support for SEPA payments
3 years ago payproc-0.2.1 Now supporting exchange rates
3 years ago payproc-0.2.0 Now with session management.
3 years ago payproc-0.1.0 Release 0.1.0
3 years ago payproc-0.0.0 Intial release for testing CGIs
7 months ago master