* pinentry/pinentry.h (struct pinentry): Add TOUCH_FILE.
[pinentry.git] / assuan /
2004-12-22 Werner Koch* assuan.h (assuan_error_t, assuan_context_t): New...
2004-04-20 Werner KochAdd missing last LF.
2004-04-20 Werner Koch2004-01-30 Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>
2003-12-23 Werner KochPost-release version number bump. Typo fixes.
2003-12-23 Werner KochAdded Manifest files to all directories.
2003-12-22 Werner Koch* assuan.h (ASSUAN_Locale_Problem): Added.
2002-04-24 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate to 20020423 version from newpg.
2002-03-29 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate with current version from newpg.
2002-03-04 Steffen Hansenupdated assuan before_multiple_frontends
2002-01-24 Steffen Hansenlocal copy of assuan and jnlib