tty: correct comments
[pinentry.git] / tty / pinentry-tty.c
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn Gillmortty: correct comments
2017-02-03 Werner KochUse a shared function to construct the title.
2016-12-01 Werner KochFix linkage problem in tty and emacs pinentries.
2016-11-07 Daniel Kahn Gillmortty: Declare dummy curses_cmd_handler.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorall: Prefer https:// over in source where possible.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmortty: Report timeout.
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Provide default text for "notok".
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Fix underscore processing in accelerators.
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Refactor usage of tolower.
2015-11-27 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Fix formatting.
2015-11-18 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Flush output. Show an error if an invalid option...
2015-08-24 Neal H. Walfieldtty: When reading the password, print any supplied...
2015-08-24 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Refactor the code for printing error messages.
2015-08-11 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Correctly implement the repeat passphrase function...
2015-08-11 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Fix buffer resizing bug.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldtty: ok takes precedence over default-ok. Likewise...
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Handle the case where the user needs to repeat...
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Always call do_touch_file if we (potentially)...
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Improve confirmation mode functionality.
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldAdd support for saving the passphrase with libsecret.
2015-05-05 Werner Kochpinentry-tty: Fix problem with zero length prompt.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldImprove comment.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldWhen reading the pin, correctly handle backspace.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldImprove prompt for pin.
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpinentry-tty: make confirm actions work
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpinentry-tty: fix segfault on MESSAGE or CONFIRM
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpinentry-tty: handle designated tty outside of read_pas...
2015-03-17 Werner KochGet rid of getopt_long and improve --help output.
2014-08-12 Werner KochNew pinentry-tty version for dumb terminals.