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4 days ago Werner Kochweb: Yet another c+p fix. master
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8 days ago Werner Kochswdb: Release GnuPG 2.2.13 and moved some news to the...
9 days ago Werner Kochswdb: Release libassuan 2.5.3
2019-02-01 Werner Kochweb: Fix top menu alignment.
2019-02-01 Werner Kochweb: Try to fix sub-menus for touch screens
2019-02-01 Werner Kochweb: Change URL of g10 Code in the service page.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochswdb: Try to detect duplicate entries
2019-01-30 Andre Heineckeswdb: Fix duplicated gpgrt entry
2019-01-28 Werner Kochswdb: Release gpgrt 1.35
2019-01-16 Werner Kochswdb: Release gpgrt 1.34
2019-01-07 Andre Heineckepeople: Move me up and update me
2018-12-18 Werner Kochswdb: Update sqlite
2018-12-14 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: A MUST not MUST be a...
2018-12-14 Werner Kochweb: News about 2.2.12
2018-12-14 Werner Kochswdb: Release GnuPG 2.2.12
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