2018-10-30 Werner KochAdd employment contract and changed phone number. master
2018-10-04 Werner KochAdd new OpenPGP card vendor
2018-08-02 Andre HeineckeUpdate transactions
2018-07-27 Andre HeineckeAdd two transactions for the office
2018-07-26 Werner KochAdd missing bank fees to the account transactions
2018-07-26 Werner KochAdd the "betriebsnummer" from the job center
2018-07-26 Werner KochAdd office rent contract
2018-07-11 Andre HeineckeFix description of GnuPG sticker bill
2018-07-11 Andre HeineckeAdd june transations of SSD account
2018-05-18 Werner KochAdd board minutes 2018-05-18
2018-05-15 Werner KochAdd scans of the register entries.
2018-05-15 Werner KochAdd documents for the tax office.
2018-04-19 Werner KochTypo fix.
2018-04-05 Werner KochNew OpenPGP card vendor
2018-03-05 Werner KochFix letterhead
2018-02-25 Werner KochMark the Beitragsordnung as adopted.
2018-02-19 Werner KochAdd LaTeX options to the the German protokoll.
2018-02-19 Andre HeineckeAdd german translation of
2018-02-13 Werner Kochminutes from 2018-02-02: Reference an attachment.
2018-02-06 Werner KochSplit OpenPGP card vendor file into private and public
2018-02-06 Werner KochAdd OpenPGP card vendor numbers
2018-02-06 Werner KochAdd latest account statement
2018-02-06 Werner KochProsposing a change to the minutes.
2018-02-06 Werner KochAdd material from the general meeting synced/master
2018-02-01 Werner KochTupo fixes.
2018-01-31 Werner KochMinor change to the beitragsordnung.
2018-01-29 Werner KochCase fixes for the beitragsordnung and the Knuth fix
2018-01-29 Andre HeineckeClarification about due date in Beitragsordnung
2018-01-29 Andre HeineckeAdd english translation of membership fee regs
2018-01-29 Andre HeineckeBeitragsordnung: Remove support member levels
2018-01-29 Werner KochDelete plain text versions of donation receipts
2018-01-29 Werner KochMerge branch 'refs/heads/synced/master'
2018-01-29 Werner KochAdd donations receipts to the repo as annex
2018-01-29 Werner KochAdd donation receipts
2018-01-26 Werner Kochverein: Minor changes to the Beitragsordnung
2018-01-26 Werner KochGerman translation of the annual accounts 2017
2018-01-26 Werner KochAdd annual accounts statement for 2017
2018-01-22 Andre HeineckeAdd first draft of a Beitragsordnung
2018-01-17 Werner KochUpdate account info
2018-01-08 Werner KochAdd Guilhem as new member
2018-01-02 Werner KochUpdate account info
2017-11-27 Werner KochUpdate bank account transactions
2017-11-14 Werner KochFixes to the English translation of the constitution.
2017-11-13 Werner KochAdd gollo as new member
2017-11-07 Werner KochAdd Maurice as member.
2017-10-23 Werner KochFix a typo in one transaction amount.
2017-10-15 Werner KochAdd donation from kernel-concepts
2017-10-15 Werner KochAdd new member Phil Pennock
2017-10-06 Werner KochUpdate bank account transactions
2017-10-04 Werner KochAdd account statements for August and September
2017-10-03 Werner KochRemoved Marcus Brinkmann as member.
2017-09-19 Werner KochAdd list of transactions on the verein's account.
2017-09-15 Werner KochAdd 3 new members
2017-08-29 Werner KochAdd encrypted account statements
2017-08-29 Werner KochRemove Marcus from the sigline
2017-08-29 Werner KochAdd template for donation receipts
2017-08-07 Werner KochNote that the Treasurer resigned last Wednesday.
2017-07-06 Werner KochAdd a signature line for official mails.
2017-06-23 Werner KochAdd IBAN to letter configuration
2017-04-06 Werner KochAdd scan of "Bescheid nach \par 60a Abs. 1 AO"
2017-03-27 Werner KochRemove the web directory.
2017-03-27 Werner KochRequest a tax numbers
2017-03-27 Werner KochUse as address on the letters.
2017-03-27 Werner KochUpdate the translation of the constitution
2017-03-25 Werner KochAdd scan of the registration notice
2017-03-24 Werner KochAdd a rendered version of the translated constitution,
2017-03-24 Werner KochPut registration number into the letter configuration
2017-03-03 Werner KochUse two lines for the return address of the letterpaper.
2017-03-03 Werner KochAdd minutes from todays board meeting. board/work
2017-03-03 Werner KochApplied proposed changes to the constitution.
2017-03-03 Werner KochRenamed two files to have proper dates in the filename.
2017-03-03 Werner KochAssign membership numbers
2017-02-13 Werner KochAdd dkg as a member
2017-02-10 Andre HeineckeClarify translation disclaimer
2017-02-10 Andre HeineckeMinor typo
2017-02-10 Andre HeineckeAdd disclaimer about the translation
2017-02-10 Andre HeineckeSome typo fixes and additional quoting
2017-02-10 Werner KochAdd list of participants and scans of the founding...
2017-02-10 Andre HeineckeAdd Kristian as a member
2017-02-10 Werner KochAdd TeX stuff to snail letters.
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeAdd a first english draft
2017-02-08 Werner KochAdd a list of members
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeAdd constitution and protocol of the first meeting
2017-02-08 Werner Kochhttp -> https
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeZweck klargestellt und verguetungen raus
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate from common pad
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeWeitere aenderungen waehrend der besprechung
2017-02-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate after Rainers comments
2017-02-07 Werner KochAdd some notes for tomorrows meeting
2016-12-04 Werner KochMostly small editorial chnages to the constitution.
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeProvide a first gnupg specific draft
2016-11-28 Andre HeineckeAdd my general latex makefile
2016-11-26 Werner KochAdd template with a constitution for a German "verein".