gpg: Emit FAILURE stati now in almost all cases.
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2017-03-07 Werner Kochdoc: Replace README.maint content.
2014-11-05 Werner Kochbuild: Update README.maint.
2012-05-11 Werner KochSwitch to the new automagic beta numbering scheme.
2012-03-27 Werner KochUpdate the maintenance instructions.
2011-12-20 Werner KochPrepare for the beta3 release.
2011-02-04 Werner KochNuked almost all trailing white space. post-nuke-of-trailing-ws
2011-01-03 Werner KochAdjust maintainer instructions
2010-10-01 Werner KochExporting secret keys via gpg-agent is now basically...
2010-01-08 Werner KochAdd dummu option --passwd for gpg.
2009-09-04 Werner KochAvoid catch-22 with README.main not being distributed... gnupg-2.0.13
2009-09-04 Werner KochAdd a gotcha section after trapped again.
2009-08-20 Werner Koch2009-08-20 Daiki Ueno <>
2009-06-29 Werner KochReworked the estream memory buffer allocation.
2009-02-12 Werner KochNew scd getinfo subcommand deny_admin
2007-12-20 Werner KochPreparing a release. gnupg-2.0.8
2007-09-10 Werner KochPreparing 2.0.7 gnupg-2.0.7
2007-08-22 Werner KochUpdated estream.
2007-08-16 Werner KochAbout to do a release gnupg-2.0.6
2007-05-15 Werner KochUse estream_asprintf instead of the GNU asprintf.
2007-04-13 Werner Kochg10/ and sm/
2007-02-26 Werner KochAdd new SVN only file README.maint