* gpg.c (main): Properly handle UTF8 usernames with --sign-key and --lsign-key.
[gnupg.git] / checks / encrypt-dsa.test
2007-05-14 David Shaw* defs.inc (all_cipher_algos): New function to return...
2007-05-02 David Shaw* conventional.test, encrypt.test, encrypt-dsa.test,
2003-12-31 David Shaw* clearsig.test, conventional-mdc.test, conventional...
2002-06-29 David ShawUpdate head to match stable 1.0
1998-09-14 Werner KochNew release
1998-09-14 Werner Koch.
1998-06-13 Werner Kocha whole bunch of internal cleanups
1998-04-08 Werner KochNew tests