agent,w32: Fix annoying output to DebugView.
[gnupg.git] / common / ssh-utils.c
2016-11-05 Werner KochChange all in license notices to https://
2015-09-29 NIIBE Yutakassh: Fix fingerprint computation for EdDSA key.
2015-09-22 Werner Kochssh: Fix fingerprint computation for 384 bit ECDSA...
2014-03-22 Werner Kochagent: Cleanups to prepare implementation of Ed25519.
2012-12-12 Werner Kochssh: Support ECDSA keys.
2012-04-20 Werner KochChange license for some files in common to LGPLv3+...
2012-02-07 Werner Kochcommon: Replace macro based function calls by using...
2011-07-20 Werner KochNew functions to compute an ssh style fingerprint.