gpg: Properly handle legacy keys while looking for a secret key.
[gnupg.git] / g10 /
2015-05-15 Werner Kochbuild: Make --disable-gpgsm work.
2015-04-23 Werner Kochgpg: Move all DNS access to Dirmngr.
2015-04-10 Werner KochRemove obsolete directories from AM_CPPFLAGS.
2015-02-25 Werner KochMove new mailbox.c source file to common/.
2015-02-24 Werner Kochgpg: Add function to extract the mailbox.
2015-02-04 Werner Kochw32: Add manifest to gpg.
2014-11-11 Werner KochRemove use of gnulib (part 1)
2014-10-09 Daniel Kahn GillmorAvoid unnecessary library linkage
2014-08-18 Werner Kochgpg: Install the current release signing pubkey.
2014-06-05 Werner Kochgpg: Auto-migrate existing secring.gpg.
2014-02-10 Werner Kochgpg: Allow building without any trust model support.
2014-02-07 Werner KochAllow disabling of card support.
2014-01-29 Werner Kochgpg: Remove cipher.h and put algo ids into a common...
2014-01-29 Werner Kochinclude: Remove this directory.
2013-05-07 Werner Kochw32: Add icons and version information.
2013-03-20 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into key-storage-work key-storage-work
2013-02-12 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into key-storage-work
2012-12-27 Werner Kochgpg: First patches to support a keybox storage backend.
2011-12-01 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-02-04 Werner KochNuked almost all trailing white space. post-nuke-of-trailing-ws
2011-02-03 Werner KochMerge branch 'ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1' ecc-integration-done
2011-01-25 Werner KochEditorial cleanups of keygen.c
2011-01-24 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1
2011-01-20 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into keyserver-via-dirmngr
2011-01-10 Werner KochInitial code checking for backup - not yet working.
2011-01-06 Andrey JivsovIntegrating
2010-11-23 Werner KochChange stack size for Wince.
2010-10-21 Werner KochRemove cruft.
2010-04-14 Werner Koch./ --build-w32ce does now succeed.
2010-03-10 Werner KochMerged jnlib into common.
2009-10-02 Werner KochImplement the server comamnd DECRYPT.
2009-09-28 Werner KochRename encode.c to encrypt.c.
2009-09-03 Werner KochFix bug#1122.
2008-12-12 Werner KochAdd missing header file.
2008-12-11 Werner KochMake gpg not depend on the RIPE-MD160 implementaion...
2007-11-19 Werner KochStarted to implement the audit log feature.
2007-07-04 Werner KochChanged to GPLv3.
2007-06-14 Werner KochA whole bunch of changes to allow building for Windows.
2007-06-08 Werner KochSyntax fix - should build now - however not tested.
2007-06-06 Werner KochFirst steps towards supporting W32.
2006-12-21 Werner KochStarted to code a --server mode.
2006-12-07 David Link to iconv for jnlib dependency. (OSX)
2006-11-21 Werner KochChanged order of libs
2006-10-24 Marcus Brinkmann2006-10-24 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-10-23 Werner Koch.
2006-10-17 Werner KochPth tweaks and improved estream.c
2006-10-10 Werner KochVarious changes
2006-09-21 Werner KochVarious updates
2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-08-16 Werner KochWith --enable-gpg the keyservers are now build and...
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-07-27 Werner KochPreparing a new release gnupg-1.9.22
2006-07-08 David Shaw* Fix resolver autoconf code so it works...
2006-06-20 Werner KochUpdated FSF's address.
2006-05-23 Werner Kochg10/ does build again.
2006-04-19 Werner KochMerged with gpg 1.4.3 code.
2005-11-06 David Shaw* Include @LIBUSB_CPPFLAGS@ in our CPPFLAG...
2005-10-05 Werner KochFixes for the g10.c -> gpg.c renamed
2005-08-21 David Shaw* No need to link with curl any longer.
2005-07-28 Werner KochImplemented PKA trust model
2005-07-20 David Shaw* keyserver.c (curl_can_handle): New. Do a runtime...
2005-06-01 Werner Koch* (gl_INIT): Add gnulib stuff.
2005-05-31 Werner KochUpdated FSF street address and preparations for a relea...
2005-05-05 David Shaw*, packet.h, main.h, comment.c: Remove...
2005-03-17 David Shaw* Calculate GNUPG_LIBEXECDIR directly...
2005-01-03 David Shaw* Use @LIBUSB@ instead of @LIBUSB_LIBS@
2004-12-18 David ShawReadline fix to be robust against platforms where readl...
2004-12-18 Werner KochAvoid the " map_to_assuan_status called with no error...
2004-10-28 Werner KochInlcude LIBICONV
2004-09-30 Werner KochPreparing a new release. Updated gettext
2004-08-31 Werner Koch* openfile.c (copy_options_file): Use gpg-conf.skel
2004-04-27 Werner KochA bunch of changes for the openpgp card.
2004-02-20 David Shaw* mkdtemp.c: Removed.
2004-02-12 Werner Koch* gpgv.c: Removed g10defs.h.
2003-11-10 Moritz Schulte2003-11-10 Moritz Schulte <>
2003-10-31 David Shaw* misc.c (compress_algo_to_string, string_to_compress_algo,
2003-10-25 Werner Koch* ccid-driver.c (ccid_open_reader): Return an error...
2003-10-10 Werner KochAbout to release 1.3.3
2003-10-08 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (pin_cb): Detect whether an admin or regul...
2003-10-02 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (learn_status_cb): Release values before...
2003-09-28 Werner Koch* g10.c (main): New commands --card-edit, --card-status and
2003-09-27 Werner KochFirst bits of a card support backport from 1.9. It...
2003-09-23 Werner KochMerged most of David Shaw's changes in 1.3 since 2003...
2003-08-25 David Shaw* Use NETLIBS instead of EGDLIBS.
2003-08-05 Werner KochCleanups, fixes and PC/SC support
2003-07-23 Werner Koch* keygen.c (generate_keypair): Create an AUTHKEYTYPE...
2003-07-10 David Shaw* parse-packet.c (parse_signature): No need to reserve...
2003-06-27 Werner KochKey generation and signing using the OpenPGP card does...
2003-06-18 Werner KochFinished the bulk of changes for gnupg 1.9. This inclu...
2003-06-05 Werner KochA small step for GnuPG but a huge leap for error codes.
2003-06-05 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-05-31 David Shaw* keylist.c (list_one): Don't show the keyring filename...
2003-04-15 Werner Koch* (AM_CFLAGS): Make use of AM_CFLAGS and...
2003-03-04 David Shaw* trustdb.c (validate_keys): Mask the ownertrust when...
2003-02-12 David Shaw* Use a local copy of libexecdir along...
2002-10-19 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-09-25 David Shaw* Link gpg with EGDLIBS (i.e. NETLIBS...
2002-09-12 David Shaw*, hkp.c, hkp.h, keyserver.c (keyserver_wor...
2002-08-03 Werner KochThe big extension module removal.
2002-06-29 David ShawUpdate head to match stable 1.0