last local commit
[gnupg.git] / g10 / trustdb.h
1998-10-16 Werner Kochlast local commit
1998-10-12 Werner Kochbackup
1998-10-07 Werner Kocha new release V0-4-1
1998-10-01 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
1998-09-14 Werner KochNew release
1998-08-05 Werner Kochintermediate check in
1998-07-30 Werner Kochstarted with shm coprocesses
1998-07-29 Werner Kochedit-key is now complete
1998-07-21 Werner Kochchanged trustdb design
1998-07-06 Werner Kochintermediate release
1998-06-29 Werner Kochtextual changes
1998-05-29 Werner Koch*** empty log message *** V0-2-19
1998-04-14 Werner Kochapplied Mathews typo and grammar fixes
1998-02-24 Werner KochRenamed to GNUPG V-0-2-8
1998-02-18 Werner Kochadded revcation stuff and fixed a couple of bugs
1998-02-02 Werner Kochchanged structure of trustdb
1998-01-24 Werner KochTrust stuff works partly.
1998-01-19 Werner Kochbackup
1998-01-16 Werner Kochadded some trust model stuff
1998-01-13 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
1998-01-12 Werner Kochstarted with trust stuff