Fix usage of dlerror to conform to POSIX.
[gnupg.git] / g10 /
2012-08-24 Werner KochFix typos spotted during translations
2012-08-24 David PrévotActually show translators comments in PO files
2012-04-29 Werner KochWith --quiet do not print reading passphrase from fd...
2012-02-01 David ShawHonor --cert-digest-algo when recreating a cert.
2012-01-20 David ShawMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-1-4' of git+ssh://playfair...
2012-01-20 David ShawChanges to --min-cert-level should cause a trustdb...
2012-01-13 Werner KochAdd a DECRYPTION_INFO status.
2012-01-12 Werner Kochgpg: Remove unused fields from a trust data structure.
2012-01-10 Werner KochAllow use of a standard space separated fingerprint.
2012-01-10 Werner KochReplace file locking by the new portable dotlock code.
2012-01-10 Werner KochUpdate copyright years.
2011-12-02 Werner KochRename all ChangeLog files to ChangeLog-2011.
2011-09-12 Werner KochOn VMS use --batch by default if in batch mode.
2011-08-09 Werner KochRemoved some set but unused vars.
2011-08-09 Werner KochFix bug#1307
2011-07-22 Werner KochPrint the decoded iteration count witn --list-packets.
2011-07-01 Werner KochAdd pubkey letters e and E for ECC.
2011-04-06 David Shaw* photoid.c (generate_photo_id): Check for the JPEG...
2011-02-23 Werner KochDon't link gpgv with libreadline
2010-10-29 David Shaw* gpg.c (main): Do not provide a default for
2010-10-29 David Shaw* pkclist.c (select_algo_from_prefs): Slightly improve...
2010-10-29 David Shaw* pkclist.c (select_algo_from_prefs): Make sure the...
2010-10-27 Werner KochDetect unsigned time_t and adjust y2038 detection.
2010-10-20 Werner KochRemove warnings on VMS
2010-10-18 Werner KochPrepare for 1.4.11
2010-10-10 Werner KochVMS fixes
2010-09-28 David Shaw* options.skel: Make the example for force-v3-sigs...
2010-09-28 Werner KochThe rest of the VMS changes.
2010-09-28 Werner KochMinor changes to help the VMS port
2010-09-23 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate
2010-08-31 Werner KochMinor fixes
2010-07-24 Werner Kochsupport more hash algorithms to support the v2 card
2010-06-18 Werner KochBackport bug fix. Fixes bug#1240.
2010-06-01 Werner KochIgnore some GnuPG-2 only options.
2010-05-12 Werner KochFix bug 1179
2010-05-07 Werner KochFix for bug 1223
2010-03-26 Werner KochForce SHA1 only for v1 cards
2010-03-26 David Shaw* plaintext.c (handle_plaintext): Make sure that the...
2010-02-17 Werner KochFix bug 1186
2010-02-02 Werner KochChange menu prompts.
2009-12-21 Werner KochFix some spelling errors. Fixes bug#1127.
2009-12-17 Werner KochFix bug#1059 (missing status line signature verificatio...
2009-12-15 Werner Kochminor changes for VMS
2009-12-15 Werner Kochfix bug#1162.
2009-09-28 Werner KochFix bug#1138.
2009-09-02 Werner KochLast minute fixes
2009-09-02 Werner KochPreparing 1.4.10.
2009-08-26 Werner KochFix debian bug#543530
2009-08-13 Werner KochPreparing for a release candidate
2009-08-12 David ShawTry and detect mis-coded Latin1 and convert it to UTF8...
2009-08-03 Werner Koch(no commit message)
2009-07-31 David Shaw* gpg.c (main): --pgp6 includes --disable-mdc.
2009-07-29 Werner KochUpdate key generation menu to match gnupg 2.0.
2009-07-23 David Shaw* keyserver.c (keyserver_import_ldap): Try a DNS-SD...
2009-07-23 Werner KochParse EXTCAP lines from the card.
2009-07-21 Werner KochFirst set of changes to backport the new card code...
2009-07-17 Werner KochRepalce an assert by a proper error message.
2009-07-16 Werner KochFix bug#1087.
2009-06-24 Werner KochFix a couple of minor bugs.
2009-06-17 Werner KochFix bug#1040.
2009-06-05 David ShawRemove Camellia restriction.
2009-06-02 Werner KochAdd stub function. Noted by Daniel Leidert.
2009-05-22 Werner KochFixed bug1058.
2009-05-20 Werner KochFix bug#1044.
2009-05-11 Werner KochFix bug 1045
2009-05-11 Werner KochFix bug 1045.
2009-05-11 Werner KochPrint 'empty file' warning only with --verbose.
2009-05-06 Werner KochFix for bug#1034.
2009-05-05 Werner KochImprove dotlocking.
2009-05-05 Werner KochBackport of Creation-Date parameter for unattended...
2009-05-05 Werner KochFix bug#931.
2009-04-03 Werner KochBetter error message for a missing keyring.
2009-03-20 David Shaw* keyring.c (rename_tmp_file): Force a fsync (via iobuf...
2009-03-15 David Shaw* gpgv.c (strusage): Fix name of program in "Syntax...
2009-02-09 Werner KochFix bug 998.
2009-02-03 David Shaw* keyserver.c (keyserver_typemap): gpgkeys_hkp handles...
2008-12-21 David Shaw* gpg.c (main): Properly handle UTF8 usernames with...
2008-12-11 Werner KochChange SIG_ID computation to m
2008-12-11 Werner KochClose message digest; fixes memory leak.
2008-12-09 Werner KochCheck algo usage.
2008-11-18 David Shaw* trustdb.c (validate_one_keyblock): Fix the trust...
2008-10-03 David Shaw* main.h, mainproc.c (check_sig_and_print), keylist.c
2008-09-25 David Shaw* keyedit.c (keyedit_menu): Fix bug where a modified...
2008-09-23 David Shaw* pkclist.c (select_algo_from_prefs): Redo function...
2008-09-04 David Shaw* keyserver.c (keyserver_import_cert): Allow keyserver...
2008-08-11 Werner KochFix bug #947 (expire time overflow)
2008-08-01 Werner KochFix !EROFS bug
2008-07-17 Werner KochRevert that last stupid setuid detection fix.
2008-04-30 Werner KochIgnore gpg2 introduced keywords for --auto-key-locate.
2008-04-17 David ShawAdd Camellia-192.
2008-04-13 David Shaw* getkey.c (merge_selfsigs_subkey): If there are multip...
2008-03-25 Werner KochFixed URL.
2008-03-25 Werner KochPowerpc64 fix.
2008-03-25 Werner KochChange default keyserver.
2008-03-24 David Shaw* import.c (collapse_uids): Fix bug 894: possible memor...
2008-03-17 David Shaw* parse-packet.c (parse_key): Parse a secret key encryp...
2008-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann2008-02-09 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2008-01-26 Werner KochAdd card vendor 004.
2007-12-14 Werner KochFixed a regression in gpg_dermor. gnupg-1.4.8rc2
2007-12-12 Werner KochUpdated ZH po file.