Switched to GPLv3.
[gnupg.git] / include / mpi.h
2007-10-23 Werner KochSwitched to GPLv3.
2006-12-11 Werner KochRemoved the use of g10defs.h.
2005-07-27 Werner KochConverted all m_free to xfree etc.
2005-05-31 Werner KochUpdated FSF street address and preparations for a relea...
2004-04-27 Werner KochRenamed prototype parameter name to avoid gcc warnings.
2003-12-17 David Shaw* mpi.h (gcry_mpi, mpi_get_opaque, mpi_set_opaque)...
2003-05-24 David Shaw* cipher.h, i18n.h, iobuf.h, memory.h, mpi.h, types...
2002-09-11 Werner Koch* mpi-bit.c (mpi_normalize): Replaced the check for... RC-1-2-3rc1 RC-1-2-3rc2 RC-1-2-4rc1 RC-1-2-5rc1 RC-1-2-5rc2 V1-2-3 V1-2-4 V1-2-5
2002-06-29 David ShawUpdate head to match stable 1.0
1999-12-08 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Wed Dec 8 21:58:32 CET 1999 Werner...
1999-10-26 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Oct 26 14:10:21 CEST 1999 Werner...
1999-07-07 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Wed Jul 7 13:23:40 CEST 1999 Werner...
1999-05-04 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue May 4 15:49:29 CEST 1999 Werner...
1999-02-16 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Feb 16 14:10:02 CET 1999 Werner...
1999-01-07 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Thu Jan 7 18:00:58 CET 1999 Werner...
1998-12-08 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Dec 8 13:15:16 CET 1998 Werner...
1998-08-07 Werner Kochchnages done at the train
1998-08-05 Werner Kochintermediate check in
1998-06-16 Werner Kochsome more internall structure changes
1998-06-15 Werner Kochextensions are now working and fixed a lot of bugs
1998-06-11 Werner Kochupdate from tobold
1998-04-09 Werner Kochnew release V0-2-15
1998-03-19 Werner Kochsome cleanups
1998-02-11 Werner Kocha couple of changes; but some parts are now broken
1998-02-02 Werner Kochchanged structure of trustdb
1998-01-16 Werner Kochadded some trust model stuff
1998-01-12 Werner Kochstarted with trust stuff
1997-12-23 Werner Kochchanged configuration stuff, replaced some Makefile...
1997-12-19 Werner Kochbetter prime number generator. improved ELG key generation
1997-12-09 Werner Kochfingerprints and self signatures added
1997-11-27 Werner KochImproved prime number test
1997-11-26 Werner KochHow with some assembly support
1997-11-24 Werner KochElGamal funktioniert und ist default
1997-11-19 Werner KochOutput armor works, RSA keygen works.
1997-11-18 Werner Kochinitially checkin