Amend the agent code with more comments.
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2011-12-01 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2008-04-23 Werner KochFixed a C-89 incompatibility.
2007-06-15 Marcus Brinkmann2007-06-15 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-06-15 Marcus Brinkmann2007-06-15 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-05-15 Werner KochUse estream_asprintf instead of the GNU asprintf.
2007-05-07 Werner KochUpgraded gettext.
2006-11-21 Werner KochNo more warnings for AMD64 (at least when cross-compili...
2006-10-10 Werner KochVarious changes
2006-08-16 Werner KochWith --enable-gpg the keyservers are now build and...
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-07-27 Werner KochPreparing a new release gnupg-1.9.22
2006-06-30 Werner KochAdded keyserver directory from trunk
2006-06-25 Werner KochAbout to do a new release
2005-08-05 David Shaw* ldap.m4: If a PATH is given to --with-ldap, bias...
2005-01-03 David Shaw*, libusb.m4: New libusb check macro.
2004-12-24 David Shaw* libcurl.m4: Rewrite this to use the new --protocols...
2004-09-30 Werner KochPreparing a new release. Updated gettext
2004-07-27 Werner Koch* (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): New.
2004-02-18 Werner Koch* acinclude.m4: Removed macros to detect gpg-error...
2003-10-25 Werner KochNew.
2003-04-29 Werner KochUpdate to gettext 0.11.5